The cutting-edge cybersecurity company, G-71 Inc., which is located in Mountain View, CA, has developed a state-of-the-art information security solution called LeaksID. The primary purpose of this solution by LeaksID by G-71 is to prevent illegal access to private and corporate documents, as well as to address the significant issue of leaks and public disclosure of sensitive documents that businesses face. Various methods, including photographs, are used to compromise document protection.

Data breaches cost businesses approximately 2 billion dollars each year, and one-third of all companies worldwide experience insider attacks. In 45% of document leak incidents, insiders take photos of screens or hard copies, and each insider incident costs an average of $15M to enterprises.

Although all current data protection solutions can control and protect file distribution, no document protection solution can prevent insiders from taking photos of documents. The most effective method is to use watermarks, but they can be erased easily, rendering the document anonymous.

About Technology

The CEO of G-71 Inc. encountered a comparable problem while working as a high-level manager in a large organization a few years ago. At the time, there were no available solutions to address the issue. This experience led to the creation of G-71 Inc. and, subsequently, the development of the LeaksID product in 2019.

LeaksID offers an advanced Insider Threat Management (ITM) technology to protect sensitive documents from insider threats. LeaksID’s comprehensive features prevent data and document leaks, including screenshots, photos, printed copies, and shared emails.

LeaksID offers flexible deployment options, including both SaaS and on-premises installations, enabling organizations to choose the best option that fits their specific needs. The solution utilizes a patented algorithm (U.S. Patent No. 11.120.520) and a steganographic approach to embedding unique, undetectable anti-leak marks into confidential documents, effectively deterring data breaches. Invisible markings within LeaksID identify the source of a leak, even in screenshots or photos, including the responsible party’s name. With the ability to generate 27,000 copies from a single page of text for every person on Earth, which equates to 205 trillion unique combinations, LeaksID provides an unparalleled level of security. Additionally, LeaksID by G-71 ensures that the perpetrators of such crimes are punished, providing a strong deterrent against unscrupulous insiders.

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Use Cases

LeaksID provides a powerful insider threat management solution that enables businesses and teams to prevent potential breaches of confidential documents. LeaksID’s innovative labeling technology offers flexible and convenient use as a private virtual data room or integration into current systems, ensuring businesses feel secure with their protected confidential data.

  • Deter potential document leaks
  • Detect insider threats
  • Protect against IP theft
  • Safeguard business and M&A deals
  • Secure document sharing and virtual data rooms (VDRs)
  • Facilitate due diligence processes

Cybersecurity and Online Privacy

Use Cases by Industry

  • Law Firms: LeaksID is a secure legal software solution that elevates the confidentiality of document management for law firms. With LeaksID invisible labeling technology, companies can minimize the risk of breaches and create a safer work environment for handling legal affairs.
  • Medical Organizations: Ensure the safety of patient information with LeaksID’s secure digital platform. Use LeaksID HIPAA-compliant technology to create protected digital environments and securely share Protected Health Information (PHI) with medical organizations, patients, healthcare providers, payers, and third-party entities.
  • Energy Sector: Energy Sector involves numerous transactions and projects that involve multiple third parties and extensive handling of confidential documents. To ensure secure processes and reduce the risk of insider threats, we recommend using LeaksID to enhance the efficiency and security of information.
  • Oil & Gas: LeaksID’s technology enhances the protection of confidential documents, technical files, tender documents, and other documentation, such as information related to oil and gas development. LeaksID also enables simultaneous management and tracking of multiple projects.
  • Manufacturing companies: Manufacturing companies often handle confidential and proprietary information, including project documentation, plans, and technical documents, that are critical to their business operations. Leaks of this information can harm their competitiveness and bottom line. With LeaksID, companies can protect their sensitive documents and deter leaks.

Competitors Landscape

The challenge of safeguarding information against leaks has been a persistent issue. Various solutions exist to address insider threats, including document protection, user education, access controls, and file distribution management. However, none of these solutions can prevent authorized users from taking photos of confidential documents with their smartphones. Before LeaksID, the primary approach was to use watermarks, which can be removed easily and render the document anonymous.

LeaksID solution is unique and does not fit neatly into a single category in the information security domain. Its approach to document protection straddles multiple solutions, including Insider Threat management and Data Leak Deterrence. LeaksID integrates with security solutions like data classification and DLP for comprehensive protection. Watermarks, unlike LeaksID, are removable and don’t identify leak sources.

Key Advantages of G-71 Technology

  • G-71 protects all channels, including electronic documents and printed hard copies, and there are no storage limitations with a paid subscription in the LeaksID SaaS.
  • Even a small fragment, such as one row of five words, is sufficient for the LeaksID algorithm to identify the leaker.
  • For a one-page document, LeaksID can create 27,000 copies for every person on Earth, resulting in 205 trillion unique combinations.


G-71 aims to create a secure information handling culture by preventing confidential document leaks. LeaksID strives to create a secure culture by preventing leaks and offering solutions for justice to those impacted. Our solutions are designed that ensure the sensitive documents remain confidential and are available on special terms, even for free, to those who need them most. G-71 solutions serve the public good and aim to protect the interests of our users.

Image Credit: G-71


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