Patch, a UK-based business, is on a mission to revitalize high streets by fusing innovative work and lifestyles with its Community-driven platform. The startup has recently raised €3.4M to fund the project’s development.

The rise of remote and hybrid working is something that now defines the workspace, even though working methods have altered significantly in recent years. On days when the office is closed, some choose to remain at home, while others choose to visit a coworking space or even a café.

There is now a new option that aims to connect individuals in neighborhood hubs and is impact-driven and community-driven. Patch has a vision of revitalizing high streets by enabling people to “work near home” in neighborhood workspaces, making them more connected and lively.

Patch’s founder and CEO, Freddie Fforde, said:

“Our belief is straightforward: exceptional people exist everywhere and deserve the same opportunities that are far too frequently restricted to our major cities. This transition to a talent-centric world has long been made possible by the internet, but the epidemic has sped up the process. We believe that enabling a more flexible model of working and living that is available to everyone, opens up the potential of millions of people in hundreds of towns, creating an exciting opportunity to “work near home.”

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The funding received was to support the opening of new hubs and further its goal. JamJar Investments, Blue Wire Capital, Vectr7 Investment Partners LLP, Active Partners, and Triple Point Ventures participated in the round. Peter Roberts, PureGym creator, Emma Woods, Wagamama xCEO, Jeremy Sanders, and Wendy Becker, are among the angel backers.

PureGym founder Peter Roberts added:

“We are at a turning point for our main streets. If we want to rekindle local economies and improve communities, we must support audacious, imaginative, and forward-thinking businesses like Patch. Every region of the UK is brimming with ability, and Patch is paving the way for that talent to flourish. In the coming years, I can’t wait to see Patch spaces open up on every high street. I’m pleased to be supporting this amazing team.

Founded in 2020 by Freddie Fforde, Patch converts vacant structures into communal spaces for work and learning. The spaces are undergoing revitalization to offer the community and cultural activities. They will also provide accessible work locations for freelancers, SMEs, working parents, and hybrid workers.

Freddie said: “Working close to home improves work-life balance, reduces travel time and allows more time with loved ones. It also increases our faith in the potential of SMEs and flexible employees nationwide. The Patch helps unite communities and invest in each other by bringing hope to struggling high streets.”

Patch Academy facilitates a variety of events such as educational talks, roundtable conversations, networking gatherings, workshops, and away days. Patch Market hosts talk, movies, pop-up markets, and other casual interactive activities.

Paloma Strelitz, Head of Product and Creative Director of Patch added:

“At Patch, we’re creating lighthouses for local life. These spaces offer the flexibility to work near home in lovely surroundings. They also act as a beacon for the local community, creating opportunities for work and connection.”

Over 5000 people have attended more than 200 events since the startup’s original launch in Essex. According to reports, 60% of Patch’s members are parents, and 4 in 5 are younger than 44. The initiative helps remote workers by addressing issues like lack of connection. The workspaces provide coworking benefits without an expensive commute while reviving main streets.”

“Each Patch space celebrates what makes an area unique and special,” added Paloma. We accomplish this through architecture and design, repurposing civically significant structures—such as former distilleries or libraries—as new hubs for economic and cultural activity. Then, to provide the best host space for the neighborhood, we extend invitations to a wide array of neighborhood-based businesses, social enterprises, and nonprofits to use Patch as a vibrant location for their events.

The community-driven platform “Patch” will use this additional investment to grow its network of locations. Additionally, we will use it to expand our team and further our vision.

There has never been a more crucial moment to support and nurture our local communities, according to Jon Wright of JamJar Investments. While remote work helped bring them closer together during the pandemic, we now have the chance to add community into the equation. Work and home need not be mutually exclusive concepts.

“Patch is leading the charge on this by unlocking access to flexible working, collaboration, and community in one location – “an all-in-one Community-driven platform”. They revive neighborhood economies and help residents find local employment. We’re excited to collaborate with Freddie’s team to bring flexible community-driven work to UK high streets.”

Image Credit: Patch


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