The robotic software business Wandelbots, based in Dresden, Germany, which makes working with robots simple and flexible, has recently expanded its operation in the US by opening its office in Chicago to broaden its global operations and speed up human-centered robotics solutions in the industrial sector.

Wandelbots is a company that provides intuitive robot programming solutions, Wandelbots Teaching, and their unified Wandelbots Developer Platform. Wandelbots was founded in 2017 by Christian Piechnick, Christoph Biering, Frank Fitzek, Georg Puschel, Giang Nguyen, Jan Falkenberg, Maria Piechnick, and Sebastian Werner. Wandelbots are used by clients like Bayer, Rotop, and Vitesco.

The software from the Microsoft-backed business, Wandelbots Teaching, allows users to control various models without prior programming knowledge and works with any robot.

With the help of the German startup’s no-code solution, anyone can program a robot for maximum automation and efficiency. The US division will be led by Sue Nicole Susenburger, who joined Wandelbots after working for Bosch for almost eight years, most recently as the Global Innovation Strategy Manager.

Christian Piechnick, the founder and CEO of Wandelbots, stated that “our solution is tailored for the US market, which is excellent as a requirement for successful expansion.” “The United States is currently experiencing a severe labor shortage, which is only getting worse. Wandelbots can enable US businesses in overcoming this obstacle and moving toward the automation and digitization of production processes.

The goal of democratizing robots is what motivates Wandebots, according to Susenburger. We aid family-owned manufacturers who have trouble finding workers and need assistance deploying automation.

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The Ohio-based robot manufacturer Yaskawa America, Inc. and Motoman Robotics Div., one of the first original equipment manufacturers to embrace Wandelbots as a reliable technical partner, are now part of the German startup’s growing portfolio of collaborations.

According to Josh Leath, senior product manager at Yaskawa Motoman, “The Wandelbots Teaching technology offers excellent value and simplicity to our robots for our customers, especially with our ArcWorld cells.” The user experience for any of our most well-liked industrial robots is made simpler by the user-friendly software and its simple TracePen input device. It eliminates the requirement for in-depth robotics programming expertise and creates new prospects for robotics automation for all sizes of clients.

Wandelbots developed a program called Wandelbots Teaching, which classified robotics as No-Code. Users can instruct their robots without programming by using the TracePen input device and simple software. Wandelbots makes robotics approachable to application professionals and enables both large and small enterprises to work with robots on their manufacturing floors.

Image Credit: Wandelbots


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