roclub, a leader in teleoperations to revolutionize the global healthcare industry, announced the completion of a €4 million seed fundraising round.

Better Ventures, strategic angels, and early-stage American and European investors Speedinvest and FJ Labs led the round.

Following the recent revelation of a pre-seed funding round exceeding €2.5 million, the investment follows suit. With the additional funding, roclub plans to enhance its remote healthcare service marketplace, hire more international staff members, and extend its activities outside the DACH region to include the rest of Europe and the US.

Teleoperations Revolution:

Because of the world’s increasingly aging population, there is currently a severe shortage of healthcare professionals. Globally, one in six individuals will be 60 years of age or older by 2030, placing a tremendous burden on health systems. Experts predict a shortage of 10 million healthcare workers by 2030. There is a greater need than ever to address this staffing shortfall.

Teleoperations, such as the one that roclub provides, are expected to provide the answer to this issue. roclub’s digital innovation can guarantee business continuity for healthcare companies at any location, at any time, for any examination, as well as enhance access to care and the efficiency with which medical technology operates. RoClub is taking advantage of a €50 billion market potential by becoming a first mover in the digitalization of medical technology and employing a fully web-based, multi-modal, and multi-vendor strategy.

roclub has partnered with a group of international key opinion leaders in diagnostic imaging to assist teleoperations projects, continuously develop products, and encourage doctors and radiographers throughout the world. Thirty of the world’s most renowned radiologists and radiographers are also members of its advisory board.

Co-founder and MD of roclub André Glardon stated:

“We are developing a platform that could upend the way MedTech operates. Our goal is to improve patient access to care, give medical technicians more freedom and business options, and ensure business continuity for healthcare providers across the globe. Leading early-stage investors like FJ Labs and Speedinvest, who not only share our vision but also provide us with a robust investment platform to help us expand and grow our company, give us great satisfaction.

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roclub foundation rests on the simple belief that competent medical technicians are essential for ensuring safe and high-quality tests, acknowledging their scarcity and untapped potential. The entirely browser-based teleoperation platform allows users to access and operate medical devices worldwide. Any MedTech device seamlessly connects to the platform with “plug & play” functionality, eliminating the need for integration work.

Partner Statements:

Andrea Zitna, Partner at Speedinvest, added:

“André and Matthias are serial health entrepreneurs with deep experience in the MedTech space, specifically in diagnostic imaging. Their roclub solution demonstrates their deep understanding of the industry’s pain concerns. It not only offers a strong commercial rationale for providers, but it can also significantly increase patient access. We are thrilled to help them realize their vision and meet the incredible demand from suppliers throughout the world.

Jeff Weinstein, partner at FJ Labs said:

“As specialists in network effects-driven investments, we see immense potential in roclub’s vision of a marketplace for remote healthcare service. We are excited to provide our experience to this endeavor since we find great appeal in the idea of combining a marketplace layer with a safe and compliant connectivity solution for medical devices of all kinds.”

Tina Dreimann, MD and Co-Founder of Better Ventures, said:

“We are proud to support roclub’s vision of harnessing teleoperation technologies to not only enhance but also fundamentally transform the global healthcare system. Their cutting-edge platform, which closes a significant staffing gap and improves patient care, is an excellent example of the kind of impact-driven solution we are dedicated to funding. A crucial first step in growing their business and, eventually, achieving more equitable access to healthcare services globally is this seed funding round. In addition to offering significant market potential, we think that roclub’s trajectory will play a significant role in determining the direction of medical technology and patient care in the future.”

Image Credit: roclub


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