Affordable HealthCare Innovation by Axmed
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Swiss Startup, Axmed secures $2M to revolutionize access to affordable HealthCare in emerging markets

Switzerland-based Axmed, a two-sided B2B marketplace platform, has raised $2 million in seed funding, to enhance affordable HealthCare access in

Teleoperations Startup: roclub Founders
Europe Startups

roclub, raises €4M in seed funding round, unlocking the potential of teleoperations in healthcare

roclub, a leader in teleoperations to revolutionize the global healthcare industry, announced the completion of a €4 million seed fundraising

HealthTech Startups

Catalysts of Change in Healthcare – Exploring the Impact of HealthTech Startups

In today’s rapidly evolving world, technology is reshaping every aspect of our lives, including healthcare. HealthTech startups, fueled by innovation

Menopause Care Elektra Health Founders
Europe Startups

FemTech startup, Elektra Health secures $3.3M seed funding to enhance menopause care platform

Elektra Health, a HealthTech startup specializing in menopause care, unveils a $3.3 million investment round. UPMC Enterprises, the company’s innovation

Menopause Treatment: Domma
Europe Startups

Barcelona’s Domma secures €950k to enhance menopause treatment through digital support

Domma, a menopause treatment, research, therapy, and support startup, has closed a €950k financing round that combines debt and capital

Women's Health Revolution: Unfabled
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€1.6 Million investment fuels Unfabled’s mission to transform the women’s health and wellness market

To close the gender health gap, Unfabled, a premier resource for women’s health and wellness, announced a €1.6 Million round,

Mental Wellness: Hedepy
Europe Startups

Prague-based Hedepy Raises €1.75 Million for Global Expansion in Online Psychotherapy and Mental Wellness

Hedepy, an online psychotherapy & mental wellness platform that already connects hundreds of therapists worldwide, wrapped up its biggest investment

Healthcare Platform Naq Founders
Europe Startups

Naq Secures €3 Million Funding to Propel Healthcare Compliance Platform Innovation

To completely transform healthcare and medical compliance in the UK and the EU, the European automated compliance platform Naq has

HealthTech Coaching App eaze
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Berlin’s cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)-based HealthTech coaching app eaze picks €1.7M

The cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)-based coaching app eaze, a Berlin-based HealthTech coaching app startup, has closed a pre-seed investment round

Collaborative HealthTech
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UK-based Collaborative HealthTech startup 32Co snaps €2.5M in seed capital

With the help of Balderton Capital, collaborative HealthTech startup 32Co has secured €2.5 million in Seed capital to advance its