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On February 14, the Salzburg-based open smart locker network operator MYFLEXBOX announced that it has raised €75M in a new round of funding.

MYFLEXBOX was established in 2018 by Jonathan Grothaus, Peter Klima, and Lukas Wieser to expand into additional markets. It installs, manages, and maintains Austria’s largest open-access network of parcel lockers.

Since its founding, the business has built more than 360 facilities to support numerous leading independent express logistics companies, as well as e-commerce businesses and end customers.

MYFLEXBOX claims that its last-mile logistics services assist companies to reduce CO2 emissions and boost operational performance while also providing high utility.

We have been pursuing the strategy of creating an open network and making it accessible to everyone using contemporary interfaces, according to Peter Klima. As a result, we were able to quickly gain the favor of the top parcel service providers in Europe. For the cities of the future, our self-developed software offers a safe, futuristic logistics platform.

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The Austrian firm claims it would put the money to use expanding into new markets, particularly in Germany, hiring more staff, and expanding ties with the logistics and postal sector.

By the end of 2025, the company expects to have 4,000 parcel stations thanks to the investment.

According to Lukas Wieser, “Following successful and illuminating years as innovators, we can solidify our position as knowledge carriers and technological leaders with even more strength to contribute to all existing and new relationships. We are accelerating scaling into other areas, particularly Germany, and we’ll open more locations even more quickly.

The Star IV fund, which is based in London and is managed by STAR Capital Partnership, provided the investment. It is a private equity company with an enterprise value of between €50M and €1B that focuses on creating strategic asset-based enterprises in Western Europe.

The STAR IV Fund’s initial investment is MYFLEXBOX.

With this funding, Salzburg AG (SAG), a greentech business that provides goods and services in the fields of energy, telecommunications, and mobility, has joined the UK-based fund as the company’s principal shareholder in MYFLEXBOX.

The agreement also calls for STAR Capital to invest expansion funding for the continued roll-out of MYFLEXBOX’s automated parcel lockers (APMs).

“We are amazed how the MYFLEXBOX team has established a compelling firm in such a short amount of time,” says Philipp Gensch, Partner at STAR. With an emphasis on an open smart locker network and intelligent software solutions, customers and express parcel service providers can benefit from a highly effective logistics infrastructure that lowers traffic and CO2 emissions.

The founders of MYFLEXBOX will collaborate closely with SAG and STAR Capital on a bold organic growth strategy to create the premier open APM network available to all logistics, e-commerce, and end users.

Image Credit: MYFLEXBOX


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