As part of a strategy to enter new markets,, the top shopping search engine in Pakistan, today announced its rebranding to

Usama Arjumand, the company’s co-founder and CEO, started Shopsy as a side project to assist Pakistani consumers in finding the finest goods and pricing.

To scale its product nationally in 2019, the business received finance from Sybrid Pvt Ltd (a Lakson Group subsidiary). To improve the company’s technical and AI capabilities, Shopsy’s co-founders Faraz Khalid and Sanjay Kumar also joined at this time.

Since then, the Pakistan-based search engine’s user base has grown to 1.2 million users each month, making it the second-most popular multi-category shopping platform in Pakistan.

The company’s unsupervised AI algorithms, which help organize and extract data from the web, provide accurate search results, and provide product price comparisons, are the key to its success.

“Our main goal has been to create unsupervised AI and search algorithms that scale quickly and require little resources. According to Co-founder and Head of AI Faraz Khalid, this enables us to quickly enter new markets.

But to enter new markets, Shopsy needed to switch from the .pk name to a .com domain, which sadly was already taken. The business changed its name as a result of this.

Usama Arjumand, Co-Founder & CEO, said, “We believed this was a fantastic opportunity to rename and re-energize the startup to represent our growing vision and ambition.

Prislo presently includes 8.5 million items from 360 Pakistani online retailers. Although this is one of the largest product databases in the nation, it pales in comparison to the variety of goods and online shops in other countries, where a single platform can easily house tens of millions of goods.

“Prislo’s technical foundation and search have been designed from the ground up to scale to billions of goods. This has been a crucial design choice for our stack and architecture, said Sanjay Kumar, Co-founder, and Head of the Platform.

The business launched its PPC advertising platform, Shopsy Ads, now renamed Prislo Ads, in March 2012. It drives targeted traffic and sales to online shops in Pakistan. Since its launch, 87 significant stores have signed up to advertise on the platform.

To fund its expansion aspirations, Prislo is now in discussions with investors to finalize a seed round. Usama said, “the Prislo team is confident in their ability to rank among Pakistan’s fastest-expanding IT products worldwide.”

Image Credit: Prislo


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