The next generation of European unicorns who are innovating in high-growth and high-impact areas will be supported by a new $100 million fund that has recently been formed by Steven Bartlett, one of the most significant young business leaders in Europe.

It will focus on making individual investments between $1 million and $10 million in six sectors of high-growth businesses: blockchain, biotech, health & wellbeing, commerce, technology, and space.

Designed to function well as a private equity fund that offers knowledge, resources, and a network to companies.

Despite some economic concerns in 2023 due to the decline in capital markets in 2022, there is still a desire to expand the startup scene in Europe. Startups and creative business owners in Europe are heavily involved in determining how society will develop in the future, and they require capital and support to successfully launch, expand, and scale.

Steven Bartlett has established Flight Story Fund to accomplish this, assembling an “A-Team” of investors and entrepreneurs, and it promises to have a significant influence.

Intending to foster the subsequent generation of European unicorns, Flight Story Fund is taking off. It is designated primarily for those young businesses seeking capital and scalability skills and in a strong position to face the challenges of the coming decade. It supports innovation in quickly developing industries, all of which will affect how society and the economy develop in the future.

Along with other successful businesspeople, influencers, public speakers, authors, and hosts of a podcast, Steven Bartlett is driving the fund. He is one of Europe’s most well-known young entrepreneurs. The goal is to utilize Steven’s visibility in the larger ecosystem to provide emerging entrepreneurs with access to a motivating network and knowledge.

This young entrepreneur, who has already established himself as a successful businessperson, thought leader, and effective investor, has just launched Flight Story Fund.

The Flight Story Fund’s founder, Steven Bartlett, says: “Over the past ten years, I’ve built up a huge network of the most successful businesspeople in Europe. To propel the founders through their growth trajectory and shorten the time it takes for them to become unicorns, Flight Story Fund links them with the resources and funding they require.

I’ve been there, and now I’m assisting other successful founders in doing the same. The opening of the Flight Story Fund is an invitation to the top businesspeople in Europe from the top corporations to join us as we take flight.

Steven had his social media business, Social Chain, go public at the age of 27. He is a co-founder of the cutting-edge marketing and consulting firm Flight Story as well as the Web3 development platform third web. He also has a developing network and online presence.

As a result, businesses receiving funding from Flight Story FUnd will gain access to this network of people, systems, and technology to assist them in becoming industry leaders.

The mission of The Flight Story Fund is to gather the most successful businesspeople in Europe under one roof, pooling their knowledge, resources, and capital to promote the next generation of outstanding European businesspeople.

As an added benefit, Steven’s marketing consultant firm, Flight Story, will provide marketing and communications assistance to founders supported by the Fund.

We’re interested to watch how the Fund grows and will keep an eye out for the arrival of the first investments.


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