A €2 million investment round has been launched by Lisbon-based Goparity as impact investing gains international traction.

The fintech startup intends to use the new funding to expand its impact-driven mission’s reach internationally and spread its favorable effects on people and the environment to new areas.

MSM (Mustard Seed MAZE), Schneider Electric Energy Access (SEEA), and an equity crowdfunding campaign led the €2 million financing round.

A successful crowdfunding campaign that garnered €1.2 million in just one hour during the summer followed.

This investment will be utilized to accelerate growth and create new financial products, primarily in North America and Europe, specifically Spain and Canada.

Goparity is a financial platform with a twist that was established in 2017. The Lisbon-based company is developing a “green bank,” a platform that connects those wishing to invest in sustainability with projects that have a positive impact on society and the environment.

We are observing an increase in investment consciousness on a global scale. A new era of beneficial transformation for the environment and people is currently being ushered in by the prominence of climate technology, green technology, and impact-led innovation.

With its platform, Goparity is advancing this transition, and with this fresh funding, it is prepared to accelerate global growth.

The basic goal of Goparity is to open up sustainable money to all people. The platform brings together businesses and people who want to fund initiatives that have a good impact. Goparity has so far attracted more than 30k users from more than 70 nations.

Goparity’s founder and CEO, Nuno Brito Jorge, said: “We are very delighted with this achievement, at a time when it has been challenging for so many firms throughout the world to raise funds. With this round, we hope to advance Goparity by integrating impact finance into our customers’ daily lives so they can be certain that their investments, accounts, and transactions are being carried out by their beliefs.”

Goparity is supporting a more varied investment outlook that is more gender-equal and youth-friendly and it is developing a community-led approach to impact in addition to helping to drive a new generation of impact investing.

For instance, 69% of participants in the crowdfunding campaign were between the ages of 18 and 40, and 4 of the top 10 investors—including the highest individual investor—were women.

Nuno Brito Jorge: “We firmly believe that having a portion of the company owned by the neighborhood it serves will be beneficial for a business like ours, which is centered on collective investments for environmental and social effect. As a result, we chose to set an example by allowing members of our community to become shareholders in addition to institutional investors.”

This fundraising, which follows an amazing year, will aid the fintech company’s purpose. According to Goparity’s 2022 report, the company increased its revenue and had around €10.4 million invested in its platform. Approximately 200 000 individuals have already benefited from these projects, which have also produced 7000 employees and prevented the production of over 23 000 tons of CO2. There’s no doubt that the business is on to something, and it’s great to witness.

The expansion of GoParity’s impact and usage over the previous year is evidence of this, according to António Miguel of MSM: “GoParity lies at the vanguard of consumer preferences towards directing their financial resources, savings, and plans into meaningful financial solutions. Along with this, they have a fantastic team whose attitude and values are just as strong as their ability to work extremely efficiently.

Goparity offers an alternative and convenient method for impact entrepreneurs to fund their sustainable projects by democratizing impact investment, according to Marta Carneiro Enes of SEEA.

In addition to Goparity’s commitment to European programs aimed at addressing energy justice and poverty, SEEA is especially sensitive to the financing of initiatives in the social economy and sustainable energy.

Image Credit: Goparity


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