Kry, a Swedish unicorn in the health-tech industry, has raised nearly $160 million in a new seed round.

“The goal here is to build healthcare systems that are longer-term resilient and sustainable. According to CEO and co-founder Johannes Schildt, “We want more people in Europe to have quicker access to high-quality healthcare, and we want healthcare professionals to spend more time with patients to improve and preserve lives.

According to Olivia Steedman of Series C and D investor Teachers’ Venture Growth (TVG, a division of the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan), Kry has enhanced patient journeys and lessened the strain on healthcare systems by offering integrated, digital solutions. We are thrilled for Johannes and his team as they carry on Kry’s success story and develop an effective, long-lasting future for European healthcare.

Kry is one of the biggest suppliers of online medical appointments in Europe. It was established in 2015 by Fredrik Jung Abbou, Joachim Hedenius, Johannes Schildt, and Josefin Landgrd. By improving access to and convenience of care, the company transforms the future of healthcare. Users can connect with a doctor or therapist through the company’s app at any time, anywhere.

Patients can book a 15-minute video conference with a doctor using this app. Users are required to describe their symptoms in writing before their appointment, upload pertinent images, and respond to questions about their symptoms before seeing a doctor. Kry charges a session fee for consultations, however insurance may cover this cost.

A healthcare professional from anywhere in the world can observe and treat their patients remotely using video thanks to the free, secure, and safe Kry’s Care Connect platform. The app’s qualified doctors, psychologists, and nurses are available to patients around-the-clock. KRY is based in Stockholm and employs approximately 300 people in addition to over 700 physicians. It runs in Germany, Sweden, and Norway. It uses the brand name LIVI in the UK and France.

Livi Connect is a free web-based platform that lets anyone video chat with a doctor whenever and wherever it’s needed, without the inconvenience of downloading additional software or apps.

Image Credits: Kry


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