Data Analytics & AI Startup: Scavanger AI
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Scavenger AI raises funds to enhance businesses’ proficiency in data-driven decision-making using its Data Analytics and AI platform

Scavenger AI, a Berlin-based Data Analytics and AI startup has obtained pre-seed funding of €1.1M to help companies get better

Data Analytics Platform: Supersimple Founders
Europe Startups

Supersimple raises €2M pre-seed to rethink how companies work with structured data using its data analytics platform

Supersimple has announced €2 million in pre-seed fundraising. Tallinn-based startup is an AI-native data analytics platform that allows anyone to

DataGalaxy: A Data Knowledge Catalog Startup
Europe Startups

DataGalaxy: A Data Knowledge Catalog aiding businesses in understanding their data’s operational impact

Lyon-based DataGalaxy, a Data Knowledge Catalog that aids businesses in understanding how their entire operation depends on data has raised

Data Mining

Data Mining: Uncovering Hidden Insights and Opportunities for Your Business

In today’s data-driven world, businesses of all sizes generate and collect vast amounts of data. But with so much data,