Lyon-based DataGalaxy, a Data Knowledge Catalog that aids businesses in understanding how their entire operation depends on data has raised $10 million in a seed round of funding.


Large-scale investors from the US and Europe support DataGalaxy. Orange Ventures, NewFund, and Evolem, as well as prior investors, participated in the $10 million seed round. The round was led by AV8 Ventures.

In addition to fundraising, the startup declared that it now had over 120 clients. Dior, Swiss Life, Technip Energies, TotalEnergies, and Sephora are just a few of the clientele.


DataGalaxy, a company founded in 2015, asserts to be the first Data Knowledge Catalog in the market, supporting businesses in comprehending how data drives their entire organization. Additionally, the startup offers a platform focused on users for metadata mapping, active metadata management, and knowledge exchange.

Organizations of all sizes can gain control over their data assets and use that authority to make wiser, more informed decisions thanks to DataGalaxy’s approach to data governance and cataloging. Moreover, through the use of homogenous, centralized data sets, employees from all teams can collaborate.

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The company’s data catalog uses a semantic layer to make data definitions, synonyms, and essential business characteristics clear so that all users can comprehend and utilize their data as an asset.

According to DataGalaxy: It constantly innovates and broadens its product line to match the shifting needs of organizations as they progress in their data literacy journeys.

“The additional funding would enable it to grow its US operations, improve its data product line, and quicken its expansion plans,” stated by DataGalaxy.

In a statement, Sellami said, “We are delighted to reach these significant milestones – they are a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team, as well as the trust and confidence our customers, partners, and investors have placed in us.”

To assist our customers in fostering a data-driven culture in their organizations, Sellami continues, “We remain committed to delivering exceptional data transformation solutions and fostering innovation.”

Image Credit: DataGalaxy


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