Scavenger AI, a Berlin-based Data Analytics and AI startup has obtained pre-seed funding of €1.1M to help companies get better at data-driven decision-making.

HTGF, Femventix, Calm/Storm Ventures, and the B4i Fund collaborated to raise a total of €1.1 million, enabling businesses to perform intricate data analysis rapidly.

Established in 2023, Scavenger AI develops three exclusive AI tools interconnected in a workflow, empowering businesses to utilize their data for making the most informed decisions in any scenario. Based on the user’s questions, the software automatically cleans the data, does a statistical analysis, and then provides the results in an easy-to-understand format. Ultimately, a dashboard is created by adding industry data to all mathematical results.

Businesses are producing an increasing amount of data, but often lack the time and resources—above all—to turn this data into actionable advice. This further complicates the decision-making process for businesses in situations where they lack the required knowledge. For this reason, Scavenger AI created three exclusive AI solutions that operate together in a workflow to quickly resolve issues for businesses.

Maximilian Hahnenkamp and Felix Beissel, the creators of Scavenger AI, shared:

“We are particularly pleased to have such renowned investors on board who support us in our mission to show companies the best possible decision under any circumstances based on their data.”

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The business, which had previously received support from Cataligent, plans to use the additional funds to grow its workforce, build the necessary technology infrastructure, and release the product into the market.

Kilian von Berlichingen, Senior Investment Manager at HTGF, said:

“AI is making businesses more efficient, and Scavenger AI is on the right track to revolutionize how companies can get unbiased insights from their data. The technical solution behind it, which already adds a lot of value for their clientele, really persuaded me.”

Carina Roth, Investment Manager at Calm/Storm, said:

“We have invested first and foremost in a strong, young, and ambitious team, led by Maximilian and Felix, who know what it takes to win! Their goal with Scavenger AI is to completely transform the way businesses operate and think. They have created AI technology that will help businesses create actionable, data-driven insights more quickly and easily, as well as address everyday business problems more quickly and easily.”

Image Credit: Scavenger AI


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