The Istanbul-based tech-enabled fulfillment company, OPLOG just announced a pre-series A funding round of €11 million.

Bootstrapped for nine years, OPLOG will use the fresh funds to expand, including plans to open its first fulfillment center in the UK by the end of the year and to advance product research and development, including in its robotics business.

The startup sees itself as the driving force behind a significant e-commerce revolution. It enables businesses to leave platforms like Amazon’s online marketplace without worrying about setting up an order fulfillment system.

Halit Develioglu, founder and CEO of OPLOG, commented on the financing, saying: “OPLOG was created nine years ago and has been bootstrapped to this day to advance e-commerce by enabling international companies and brands to provide flawless post-purchase experiences to their customers.”

“I am appreciative of Esas’ support and investment in OPLOG and look forward to cooperating closely with them as we go into the following stage of our extraordinary journey. The future is incredibly bright, and today’s news is a testament to the team’s dedication, said Halit.

Esas Private Equity stated regarding their investment in OPLOG that they were “only too glad to assist OPLOG – a fantastic example of the Turkish tech landscape moving from strength to strength.” The company is a tempting investment because of Halit’s predictions for the future of e-commerce and OPLOG’s commitment to commercializing robotics. We are eager to see what lies ahead.

In Q1 2023, OPLOG will surpass Amazon to become the sole firm in Europe to run its fulfillment centers utilizing in-house robotics technology.

Within the first 18 months of operation, OPLOG’s new fulfillment facility in the UK will employ approximately 100 individuals. The warehouse will benefit from the cutting-edge, proprietary robot technology used by the company. OPLOG will build a bridge between the two nations by opening a warehouse in the UK, its first location outside of Turkey.

OPLOG, an Istanbul-based tech-enabled logistics startup, was established by Halit Develioglu in 2013. He was listed on the Fortune 40 Under 40 list.

It will use up to 50 robots in each warehouse, and its robotics technology is unique. In addition to preparing orders on behalf of merchants, OPLOG stockpiles its merchandise in smart warehouses, handles delivery, and offers technology-enhanced end-to-end fulfillment services.

Multinational corporations including SONY, Rossmann, and Tupperware are clients of OPLOG. Modern warehouses are located in Gebze, Dilovasi, and Ankara for it.

Through its international fulfillment network and the capability to track all the inventory and operational operations in numerous OPLOG fulfillment centers, the business enables e-commerce firms to operate in diverse markets without physical limits.

Image Credit: OPLOG


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