Nolea Health, a London-based HealthCare startup, has come out of hiding today thanks to a fresh $1 million investment. The startup’s goal is to overcome the widening talent gap by revolutionizing how healthcare providers locate employees.

Healthcare organizations all over the world have been battling a serious talent shortage.

Currently, there is a lot of pressure on healthcare systems, and there is a rising shortage of clinical professionals. As a result, providers are finding it difficult to give care to those who require it at the appropriate time. In the field of mental healthcare, the issue is particularly noteworthy. The effects of the extreme underfunding and underserviced in this sector are serious.

Richie Dawes, the founder of HealthCare startup, declared: “The mental healthcare sector is in turmoil. While there is an increasing need for services, there are fewer and fewer qualified specialists available. At Nolea Health, our goal is to build a ground-breaking platform that will transform the way employers locate qualified candidates for open positions in the healthcare industry. With our cutting-edge strategy, we are confident that we can effectively handle the critical issue of workforce shortages and make a genuine difference in this area.”

HealthCare startup, Nolea Health is on a mission to assist in resolving the staffing issue. The London-based business created a jobs marketplace for mental healthcare that matches qualified clinicians with open positions. The business has received £1 million in fresh investors and has come out of cover.

Anne Heraty, the former CEO of CPL Resources, and Mahiben Maruthappu, the CEO of Cera, were among the important industry personalities that participated in the fundraising, which was led by Frontline Ventures.

Calm/Storm Lucanus Polagnoli’s founding partner said, “The Covid-19 pandemic exposed a flawed healthcare system. An increasing number of people report mental health concerns, resulting in staff shortages, lengthy workdays, and burned-out professionals in therapy and beyond. The fact that Nolea is tackling the fundamental issue of healthcare providers needing assistance in locating adequate people to treat their patients excites us. Additionally, the cutting-edge white-label clinician marketplace platform gives doctors who want job freedom, various employment options, access to digital technologies, and possibilities for upskilling those things. We think Richie’s founder-market fit is excellent because of his experience growing a mental health clinic.”

Richard Dawes established HealthCare startup, Nolea Health in 2022, building on three years spent creating its full-stack virtual care technology. The platform provides a national network of mental healthcare specialists and makes them searchable by the appropriate job openings, healthcare organizations, and systems.

Because of the recent surge in demand and the extensive use of remote-based care in the post-COVID environment, Dawes continued, “We regarded mental healthcare as the ideal starting point. The demand for accredited healthcare professionals over qualified equivalent healthcare staff roles has led to the creation of new flexible employment opportunities for the full spectrum of mental healthcare professionals, many of whom may have historically been overlooked by healthcare organizations.

To maximize the possibility of successful matches and hires for temporary employment opportunities, the platform’s matching algorithm uses the clinician’s profile data, including experience, education, and work preferences, in conjunction with employers’ job requirements, location, and work culture. Once a match is made, the business hires the clinician to provide short-term in-person and remote mental healthcare.

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A result is a tool that eliminates hiring process friction and streamlines the talent acquisition process for hiring teams in healthcare organizations. Within 24 hours, the business wants to pair vaccines with qualified medical professionals. It includes a thorough clinician database with verified and vetted medical specialists, allowing organizations to move applicants quickly to the interview stage.

It also enables clinicians to work more flexibly for themselves. Employers can identify qualified applicants for their vacant vacancies by using their shared dynamic availability. Additionally, all licensure and credential data can be managed by doctors in one location, saving both parties time during the onboarding process.

William McQuillan, a partner at Frontline Ventures, said that the usage of telemedicine has significantly increased since the Covid-19 outbreak. The difficulty of finding and managing the appropriate staff continues to be a substantial bottleneck, even if this supposedly allows healthcare centers to access a wider spectrum of clinical skills. Nolea addresses this by giving any clinic, doctor’s office, or hospital that wants to use telemedicine access to a staffing solution that is simple to scale and integrate. Richie is in a great position to create the ideal solution to this pressing problem because of his experience in the healthcare industry and his work building markets.

Through ODX, the On Deck Global Accelerator program in January 2022, and participation in the Google Black Founder Fund program last summer, the healthtech entrepreneurs have been able to get their first investment check over the past year.

Mariama Boumanjal, manager of the Europe and Africa region for Google for Startups Black Founders Fund, said, “We are thrilled to have been a part of Nolea Health’s journey and to see its beneficial influence in the healthcare market. It is encouraging to see how Nolea Health is tackling mental health issues in a novel way. We take great pride in having helped Nolea Health with our program.

The Digital Launchpad London program, created for early-stage digital health businesses with great potential to tackle NHS and social care concerns, also chose Nolea Health this year.

The business intends to double concentrate on strengthening its clinical job-matching capabilities by growing its staff and further developing its machine learning-based technology with the help of this fresh funding.

To solve workforce planning issues and staff shortages in other fields of healthcare, Nolea Health also plans to broaden the scope of its trustworthy job marketplace.

The platform is currently in beta and expanding its network of mental healthcare professionals and top mental healthcare organizations.

Image Credit: Nolea Health


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