Amsterdam-based ViaLuxury, an overcapacity booking solution for luxury hotels that offers clients customized luxury experiences, said that it has secured further capital. The amount of the funding has not been made public.

New investors Limburg Technology Investment Fund and Genzai, an investment and consulting company for AI and advanced ICT, invested.

According to ViaLuxury, the money will be used to expand internationally and better enhance its platform for both current and potential consumers.

The fundraising round will develop AI-based technologies shortly, enabling ViaLuxury to successfully match appropriate hotel offerings with existing and new consumers. An algorithm that provides the best value to hotel partners and customers supports this.

Additionally, the onboarding process for new hotel partners will be enhanced, and the scale-marketing up’s plan will incorporate AI even more.

“With this, we continue to work on the development of our AI-based platform that automatically combines the demand for unique hotel experiences with the offer of overcapacity,” says Jan Wegenaar, founder and CEO of ViaLuxury. In this way, we can expand our scalability and provide even more customized hotel experiences.

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Jan Wegenaar established the business in 2019 as a Luxury Hotel Company, and it continued under the name ViaLuxury in May 2022 as it pursued plans for global expansion.

To provide customers with the finest offers and the “ideal” selection of hotel experiences, ViaLuxury is committed to using AI to turn the overcapacity of four- and five-star hotels into revenue.

The platforms’ AI-powered technology forecasts how much money hotels may generate by charging guests for the extra capacity they have available. ViaLuxury provides such overcapacity at a reasonable cost and in a comprehensive package that also includes extras like meals and health. The service offers the best savings for stays at opulent hotels in this way.

The platform is currently accessible in Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands. The platform is connected to more than 1,000 hotels, and this year the range will be greatly expanded.

According to ViaLuxury, 2022 was a profitable income year. The platform has grown into a source of additional revenue for several well-known hotel brands. The Dutch business treats the hotel and the customer with fair trade principles.

Image Credit: ViaLuxury


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