Munich-based, German language hybrid learning platform Edurino, led by woman founders and has an app and a stuffed animal called Mika, has just secured €10.5 million in a Series A funding round.

Funding Details:

The London-based VC DN Capital led the round for the German language hybrid learning platform.

The German VC Tengelmann Ventures, FJ Labs, and Konstantin Urban, the creator of, also participated in the round.

Existing partners Jens Begemann, btov Partners, and Emerge Education take part once more. The founders raised €3.35 million in the 2022 seed financing round, which also included serial entrepreneur and education specialist Verena Pausder.

Foundation of Edurino

Franziska Meyer and Irene Klemm created Edurino in 2021 to give young children a secure start to digital learning through games. Educational software, analog play figures, and an ergonomic stylus were all used to achieve this.

The startup has over 100,000 products sold since its debut in the DACH area, and this year it hopes to expand into other European markets. Several retail companies, including Media Markt, Saturn, Müller, Thalia, and My Toys, have already collaborated with it. The extra funds will be applied to extending the DACH region’s sales channels.

Technology and Education: Future of EdTech

They are giving kids the skills they need to thrive in the digital (working) world of the future with a remote team of more than 45 people. Additionally, Edurino combines conventional academic skills like reading, writing, and math with subjects outside of the STEM fields, like logical thinking, coding, natural science, creativity, and media literacy, to create the essential skills needed to succeed in the twenty-first century.


“At DN Capital, we find entrepreneurs creating multinational companies that transform entire sectors. Irene and Franziska are precisely the kind of trailblazers we love to work with, bringing their passion, knowledge, and drive to creating a hybrid learning platform that is grounded in educational theory, provides a secure environment for digital learning, and is truly suited to the needs of 21st-century pre-schoolers. We’re honored to be Series A’s lead investor and are confident that this company will succeed. — DN Capital investor Nenad Marovac.

“Our children will be employed in occupations that do not yet exist in this form in ten years. With Edurino, we’ve started a new era of digital education to address this skills divide. We want to give kids the knowledge and experience they need to comprehend and take advantage of the benefits of digitization through the magic of games. We are extending Edurino worldwide due to the positive feedback from thousands of families and the cooperation with our partner kindergartens. — Edurino’s founders, Franziska Meyer, and Irene Klemm.

“The world after the Corona pandemic needs efficient digital education solutions that are available to everyone. Edurino reinvents digital education and creates a link between the house and the classroom. Their innovative method may make it possible for youngsters from various backgrounds to learn future-relevant skills and information before they even enter school.” – Julia Lang and Dr. Götz Müller of Tengelmann Ventures.

Image Credit: Edurino


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