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Dublin-based Snigel intends to assist web publishers in maximizing ad revenue. To expedite expansion goals, the business, which has consistently received recognition from Deloitte’s Fast 50 Index, has secured a strategic investment collaboration with CBPE.

Adtech is an essential component of digital marketing strategy, and as the world has become more digital, its significance has increased. Ultimately, businesses need to spread their brand, sell their goods, and become more visible. In the digital age, adtech helps businesses do so while maximizing budget usage.

Since its foundation in 2012, the Irish company Snigel has played a vital role in this developing market. Now, it has obtained a significant collaboration agreement with CBPE Capital to scale. The business offers access to Google AdX and programmatic advertising to assist internet publishers in making money from their traffic. In essence, it contributes to longer-term revenue growth and improved user experiences.

“This exciting milestone for Snigel enables us to accelerate investment in our technology and business infrastructure to create even more value for our publishing partners,” stated Christian Jeschko and Ben Rycroft, co-CEOs of Snigel.

They further added, “At Snigel, publishers remain the primary focus. For publishers to be able to concentrate on producing excellent content and expanding their audiences, we are driven and inspired by our objective to promote long-term income growth and better user experiences. Despite talking to a lot of possible partners, the CBPE team proved to be the best choice to assist our ambitious growth objectives because we both had a vision for growth and had a fruitful relationship together.”

Although the amount of the investment has not been made public, it is believed to be large and will significantly help the company’s ambitious expansion aspirations. In 2022, the company’s gross sales were a little over €40 million. With this latest transaction, CBPE will take control of the majority of Snigel’s shares.

The money will be used to build Snigel’s business infrastructure and provide several new products, including data analytics and AI-powered optimization tools.

“Snigel has fantastic technology, a strong and supportive management team, and a great culture,” remarked Richard Thompson, Partner, CBPE. “We are thrilled to have the chance to work with Snigel at such an exciting time for the company, helping the company with the next phase of its growth path by investing more to expand across existing and new geographies both organically and organically.”

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“We think Snigel is well-positioned to benefit from the significant market demand brought on by the continued increase in digital marketing spending,” Richard continued.

co-CEO Ben Rycroft said regarding the future of adtech, and how this alliance will aid their growth, “Snigel aids publishers in striking a balance between user experience and monetization. This guarantees a steady traffic increase, which ultimately raises sales. For us, the adtech ecosystem’s sustainability is crucial.

Because the adtech industry is still a complicated and dynamic one, our staff and solutions must adapt and develop. To improve speed through 2024 and beyond, we are currently adopting and optimizing a variety of 3rd party cookie alternatives. This involves employing first-party data, contextual targeting, alternative IDs, and other methods.

The adtech sector is going through a change that will enhance user privacy. By implementing contextual targeting and collaborating with partners to put cohorts before individuals, Snigel is promoting this strategy. We’ll keep advancing the cause of ethical adtech and working to strike a better balance between users, publishers, and advertisers.

“CBPE is supporting the Snigel team as they expand the company. This entails making investments in Snigel’s business infrastructure and introducing several new products, such as data analytics and AI-powered optimization tools.

In the long run, we think that the effectiveness of adtech solutions will depend more and more on reliable data. Over the next 12 months, we’re planning several new product launches in this area.

Image Credit: Snigel



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