Lapsi Health, an Amsterdam-based health IT business, has raised $3.5 million in a seed round of funding that was oversubscribed.

The Dutch start-up is creating software tools and sound-based medical technology to support remote consultations and empower doctors at the point of treatment.

Prior investment for the business came in March 2022 when it was awarded a €700K pre-seed round and a €1M Eurostars grant for developing its deep technologies.

According to Lapsi Health, the additional funding will be used to advance technological research, obtain FDA approval, and launch commercialization efforts in the US.

The seed round is led by Sahir Ali of Modi Ventures, a Texas-based family office that has recently stepped into the Venture Capital world with investments in the space of Artificial intelligence and Tech Bio.

Along with new investor BeKey, an Israeli-Ukrainian software development business, current investors Vendash and Bolwork also participated in the financing.

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According to Jhonatan Bringas Dimitriades, CEO of Lapsi Health, “We delivered four generations of prototypes and two native applications during the year. We have been successful in demonstrating our technology to numerous medical leaders and validating it in several international settings. This assisted us in securing the next round of investment for our business, intending to release our technology in 2023.”

Jhonatan Bringas Dimitriades, Diana van Stijn, Seamus Holohan, and Rodrigo Alvez created Lapsi Health in 2021. It is a firm that develops medical technology and wants to alter the way auscultatory sounds are currently applied in the medical and pharma-biotech industries.

Auscultation is described in medical terminology as listening to the noises of your heart, lungs, arteries, and stomach (abdomen). Products from Lapsi Health are designed with doctors, patients, and researchers in mind.

“Data-driven decisions are the next step to enhancing healthcare, patient empowerment, clinical intelligence, and to make clinical research more democratized,” says Chief Medical Officer and Co-Founder Diana van Stijn. These are the principles that drove us to establish Lapsi Health.

The company has increased from 4 to more than 10 workers (including their Head of Engineering, Toni Leinonen, Haltian’s founder and a former team captain who oversaw the creation of the Oura Ring) and 8 advisors in the last 10 months.

Several prominent figures in global healthcare, including Craig Lipset, Rafael Grossman, Aline Noizet, Suzanne Terheggen, Carlos Sendon, and Amir Lahav, are members of the company’s advisory board.

According to Craig Lipset, a member of the advisory board and co-chair of the DTRA, “As a patient, all of my consultations with my primary care physician and my pulmonologist entail listening to my lungs. Lapsi Health confidently offers that capability for remote clinical trials and treatment. The technology will support the new healthcare and clinical research norm while enhancing patient outcomes and experiences.

The organization welcomed Junaid Bajwa, MD, Chief Medical Scientist at Microsoft, as a new member of the advisory board in the final quarter of 2022. With his extensive medical technology background, adds co-founder Dimitriades, “we will be able to create and iterate even faster.”

Image Credit: Lapsi Health




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