Online newsroom, based in Amsterdam, announced that it has acquired Pioneer Academy, a platform for PR training.

The corporation withheld the deal’s financial specifics.

Pioneer Academy was established in 2021 by Bianca Zwart and Sabine de Witte to assist communication experts and founders in expanding or scaling up their businesses.

The website uses on-demand video courses, masterclasses, workbooks, and guides to assist students in applying a startup mindset to PR.

The expansion of Pioneer Academy will continue to receive support from both founders.

Not all agencies are designed for startup Publicity, according to Zwart. Startups require a data-driven PR approach that operates quickly and on a little budget.

“Pioneer Academy equips them with the know-how and resources they need to develop their startup in the media in a way that benefits them. We’re quite happy to work with, and we have no doubt that they will advance the platform, says Zwart.

Why Acquisition

The Netherlands business claims that this acquisition would forward their goal of making PR available to all organizations, regardless of size and money.

The acquisition will broaden’s platform beyond software and give marketers and communications specialists the tools they need to run effective PR campaigns and build their brands.

Starting in April, the Netherlands company will concentrate on expanding Pioneer Academy’s present student body and its content through a new learning platform.

According to, they will create courses with PR professionals that will cover every aspect of PR, from investor relations to media relations, corporate communications, and brand journalism.

For the world’s fastest-growing businesses, such as Just Eat Takeaway, WeTransfer, Remote, Dolby, and Polaroid, pr. co-develops (corporate) websites and software.

As people want businesses to conduct themselves responsibly, the company claims it “takes the spin out of public relations” by providing them with the “necessary software, knowledge, and partners to communicate clearly and develop relationships based on trust.”

Organizations may post news, manage their global PR strategy, manage connections, conduct outreach, and stream events online thanks to its platform.

We believe that public relations should be at the center of every organization, according to Jeroen Bos, CEO of Customers want more sustainable practices, ethical behavior, and transparency from the companies they spend their time and money with. As a result, regardless of the size of the business, public relations has emerged as a crucial instrument for growth. With this acquisition, will keep giving PR professionals the tools they need to demonstrate their values.

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