Antler has made an undisclosed investment in Amsterdam-based not8, a B2B business that seeks to standardize the product development review procedure.

According to the Dutch startup, it plans to use the funds for product development and to speed up corporate expansion and growth initiatives. Additionally, Not8 stated that it would seek pre-seed capital in the summer of 2023.

The Dutch business is tackling one of the major problems affecting tech firms that prioritize PLG (Product-led growth): product feedback.

According to not8, to achieve product-led growth, the product team must frequently examine a product, and this procedure needs to be improved.

Product managers, web designers, front-end engineers, and QA specialists squander tens of hours each week on pointless phone conversations, annotations on screenshots, and lengthy emails outlining essential improvements.

Not8 steps in to provide a solution that makes it simple for anyone to provide product feedback in this situation.

Yaroslav Medvedev, the CEO, says, “We’re happy to have the backing of Antler as we continue to grow and improve our platform. “We want to revolutionize how product teams work by making not8 the go-to tool for all of them. This funding will help us get a little bit closer to that goal.

Not8 was established in 2022 by Yaroslav Medvedev and Vladislav Dekhanov to revolutionize the way products are reviewed.

The not8 feedback tool streamlines the development process by allowing the product team to remark on any web-based product.

The company describes it as “leaving sticky notes’ on your screen, speeding up the process by 10x and enabling IT companies to save 550+ hours each year.”

The tool also minimizes the number of necessary review cycles, lowers the risk of information loss, and assists the product team in keeping all pertinent data in one location.

“We plan to further enhance the functionality of our software by adding integrations with other tools like Jira, ClickUp, and Loom, developing a back office, and adding other product features that will make it even simpler for product teams to streamline their review process and save time,” says CTO Vladislav Dekhanov.

Antler is an early-stage venture financing company that seeks to establish thousands of businesses worldwide that address “real” issues.

Antler collaborates with individuals on six continents and in 25 locations to establish and grow high-potential businesses that take on significant possibilities and problems.

Antler has backed more than 600 businesses across a variety of markets and technologies, and its objective is to support more than 6,000 by 2030.

“We are ecstatic to include not8 in our portfolio and count ourselves among the product’s satisfied customers. With their emphasis on user experience simplicity and their excellent blend of operational and technical talents and expertise, the not8 team, according to Youri Doeleman, Partner at Antler, “has the potential to have a big impact on how we approach product feedback.”

Image Credit: not8


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