Attention, an AI-powered sales assistant based in New York, announced a $3.1M investment round that was led by Eniac Ventures, a California-based VC.

Other investors in the investment round included the creators of Ramp, Level AI, Truework, CBInsights, and Zoi, as well as French VC Frst, Liquid2 Ventures, Maschmeyer Group Ventures, and US-based VC Ride Ventures.

Since its founding in 2021, Attention has assisted numerous sales teams in streamlining their CRM hygiene, accelerating sales cycles, and increasing revenue.

With the money from this round, the business will improve the AI skills that power its product and capture the market.

Every sales organization should become its finest self through the use of Attention. Sales organizations suffer from deal stagnation, CRM maintenance, and ramp-up for new salespeople. All of these issues are resolved by Attention’s AI-powered sales assistant.

The Big Apple startup simplifies the trickiest parts of sales. As soon as a sales agent takes a call, it instantly fills out their CRMs, giving C-Suite leaders perfect forecasting insight, and it also creates intelligent emails.

Because of Attention, teams can rapidly and effectively ramp up new sales representatives, spreading the best practices of successful sellers throughout the whole company. The program helps sales reps answer prospects’ inquiries in real-time using an embedded AI-powered solution, leading to improved success rates.

It addresses inefficiencies throughout the whole sales cycle, freeing up more time for actual sales. “Paying attention changes the game. In terms of efficiency benefits and ramp-up rapidity, we’ve hardly ever seen a product like this. According to Peter Santis, head of sales at RocketChat, “We’re also taken away by how quickly they’ve been releasing new features.” Peter Santis decided to invest in Attention’s seed round after using the software.

Hadley Harris from Eniac Ventures said, “We’re excited to work with Anis and Matthias as they utilize the most recent advancements in AI generation and natural language understanding to supercharge sales organizations. We adore working with repeat founders and are overjoyed by the powerful pull the market is already giving them.

Image Credit: Attention


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