Domma, a menopause treatment, research, therapy, and support startup, has closed a €950k financing round that combines debt and capital increase, demonstrating the company’s potential and growth.

Under Secways’ direction, Antai Ventures has once again participated in the operation. Similarly, ENISA and several strategic business angels with industry experience have supported the Barcelona startup.

Cristina Martinez, co-founder of Domma, said:

“The funding round will allow us to continue fighting the stigma of menopause so that women can experience this stage of changes in the best possible way, providing support, information, and solutions adapted to each woman’s individual needs.”

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The funds raised in this funding round will fuel the expansion of our business. The startup will use the investment to encourage scientific research, develop innovative biotechnological solutions to enhance the health of adult women and prioritize digitizing menopausal transition care. These efforts aim to open up new avenues to reach a larger audience.

Partner at Antai Ventures Eduardo Salvo stated:

“We think Domma’s work creating content and speaking is crucial to breaking the taboo around menopause.” Being able to assist Domma’s creators from the beginning has been a luxury, and we intend to keep doing so for a very long time. They possess a strong dedication and a clear vision for improving women’s quality of life during menopause. They possess a strong dedication and a clear vision for improving women’s quality of life during menopause.”

The company uses scientific research to create new, non-invasive remedies that effectively relieve the mental and physical problems brought on by the menopausal hormone imbalance. Based in Barcelona, Domma has a team of 10 people.

Mireia Roca, co-founder of Domma, said:

“It is important to normalize the entire menopause treatment process to experience it as the natural process that it is. However, we don’t have to accept the discomfort or normalize the signs of our suffering. The most prevalent emotional and physical symptoms that over 95% of women experience as a result of hormonal imbalance—such as irritability, hot flashes, insomnia, sweating, and dryness—can be lessened with the natural remedies that Domma has developed based on scientific research.”

Image Credit: Domma


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