To close the gender health gap, Unfabled, a premier resource for women’s health and wellness, announced a €1.6 Million round, bringing its total investment to €2 Million.

The company plans to utilize the new funds for expanding its in-house data science team, a crucial aspect of its B2B services, as well as enhancing the consumer-facing platform.

Morgan Stanley, Exceptional Ventures, Atomico Angels, Founders Factory, Chai Ventures, SyndicateRoom, and 3 Sisters Ventures were among the notable investors who participated in the seed round. Many female angel investors joined from the technology and healthcare sectors. Among them are Fiona Pathiraja, a philanthropist and healthcare investor, Elaine Groenestein, the first angel at Elvie, Shefali Roy (Apple, TrueLayer), and Maya Ghosn, a scout for Sequoia.

Hannah Samano (formerly of Unilever and Kasha) founded Unfabled in 2021. It is a data-driven wellness platform that offers tailored and curated solutions for women. Users of Unfabled receive a carefully curated list of reliable and efficient products to fulfill their needs after responding to a series of questions regarding their priorities related to hormones and health. Furthermore, over 300,000 people actively utilize Unfabled to discover effective remedies for various ailments, such as menstrual cramps, pregnancy, and menopause.

The business-to-business (B2B) component of Unfabled’s product, its market intelligence platform, offers vital consumer behavior insights that enterprises and the healthcare industry may leverage to propel future improvements in women’s health.

Hannah Samano, Founder and CEO of Unfabled stated:

“Although 90% of the UK’s 33.8 million female population experiences monthly hormonal symptoms, the fragmented and underserved state of women’s health has persisted for too long. Thousands of women have already benefited from Unfabled’s assistance in locating efficient therapies for common but extremely disruptive hormonal and reproductive disorders like menopause, endometriosis, PMS, and PCOS.”

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Samano claims that a significant contributor to the gender health disparity is the absence of sex-aggregated data, which obscures the picture of women’s health. Because of this, they are creating the most user-friendly platform they can while bridging the enormous data gap in the health industry. The more knowledge they have on female health, the more intently they can work to improve it.

A 2024 McKinsey analysis projects that the women’s health market will reach $1 trillion by 2027. According to the same analysis, treating pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS), which affects 90% of women who menstruate, alone could boost the world economy by an astounding $115 billion.

MD and EMEA head of Morgan Stanley Inclusive Ventures, Sanghamitra Karra, added:

“It’s impressive to see Unfabled’s platform and their reach, actively partnering with leading brands in the space. With 50,000 active women in the community and over 40 million views of its instructional content on women’s health, Hannah and the team’s tried-and-true organic-driven strategy has allowed Unfabled to grow significantly since 2021.”

Matt Cooper, co-founder and executive chairman of Exceptional Ventures said:

“When investing in a company, our primary focus is finding businesses that match our vision of helping people to live happier, healthier, and longer lives. In addition, we are searching for the most skilled businesspeople who can realize that goal. Furthermore, Unfabled’s objective to promote women’s hormonal health immediately drew our attention, and it was a clear fit on both fronts. Unfabled’s data-driven platform allows women to learn about goods and services that are frequently disregarded by traditional healthcare and offers a user-friendly fix to a persistent issue that significantly impacts many lives. Hannah is a talented entrepreneur with an unstoppable intellect, enthusiasm, and drive for her company and its goals.”

Image Credit: Unfabled


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