BeatConnect, a Québec, Canada-based digital collaboration-based music platform, has raised CA$3M (US$2.2M) led by FICC and its partners. Other participating investors include a network of angel investors like Anges Québec and Triptyq Capital.

With the additional funding, the business will develop its solution, which connects various DAWs for cross-platform cooperation and remote sharing sessions. As a result, producers and musicians can collaborate from their home studios in real-time or asynchronously.

BeatConnect, a company founded in 2020, has created a platform that enables musicians from all over the world to congregate in common virtual places. The technology also enables users to work together in real-time from their home studios.

BeatConnect requires no more setup before artists and producers may begin playing and editing.

Turbide says, “We’re constructing an approachable microcosm. “You create something, share it with everyone, they take it in, comment on it, and then they create something of their own. It encourages users to express their creativity and does it in a fun, approachable way.

According to Francois Guy, an angel investor with Anges Québec, “collaboration is at the heart of any great creative project.” “The music industry hasn’t done much to dismantle the barriers that barricade their customers. BeatConnect, a new platform with ground-breaking technology, enables seamless artist collaboration, increased output, and content monetization. All musicians will use their platform, from beginners to seasoned professionals.

General Manager Robert Charpentier and Investments Manager Gilles Labranche state that “Since its founding in 1997, FICC has provided financial partnerships to Quebec enterprises engaged in the development, production, and sale of cultural products and services.” “Over the years, technology has grown to be an important part of cultural growth, and the BeatConnect team is the driving force behind FICC’s digital strategy. Being a part of this journey and having led this fundraising round makes us proud.

According to Guillaume Therien, a partner of Triptyq, “the music industry has been at the vanguard of digital transformation.” “Business models for everything from music creation, production, and distribution to monetization have been challenged as the world’s music audience has expanded and discovered new ways to engage with musicians. The remarkable founding team of BeatConnect, who are democratizing music creation with a playful, collaborative, and innovative platform, is one that Triptyq Capital is happy to partner with.


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