The mission of the female-led health tech business XbyX – Women in Balance is to increase access to and understanding high-quality healthcare information and nutrition for women in midlife and beyond.

The Berlin-based entrepreneurs are ready to scale after recently securing a seven-figure pre-series A funding round for the industry. ECONA AG and AUXXO Female Catalyst, an existing investor, co-led the round.

The Berlin-based firm intends to grow even more, create new goods and services, and enter new markets with the help of this additional capital.

Women’s health has always been an underserved and unappreciated aspect of healthcare. There is an urgent need to close this gap, which is caused by a lack of financing for research as well as a lack of knowledge of the various healthcare demands and stages that women experience.

Menopause, which every person who has periods will experience at some point in their lives, is one area in particular that has received little attention.

One billion women are predicted to be peri- and postmenopausal by 2025. For many of these folks, it’s a period when they face new health issues yet lack access to reliable counsel and healthcare options.

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By providing science-based, holistic solutions for menopause and healthy aging, XbyX – Women in Balance, founded in 2019 by Peggy Peichelt and Monique Leonhardt, seeks to solve this issue.

We are quite pleased with our round of investors, who not only provide us with the required financial boost but also fully back our long-term goal, according to Peggy Reichelt. Thus, midlife women’s health and menopause are finally receiving the consideration and contemporary perception they deserve.

Peggy noticed there was rarely any trustworthy information available about menopause and decided to create XbyX- Women in Balance based on her own perimenopausal experience. She began her research, sought out solutions, conducted tests on herself, and eventually launched XbyX intending to eradicate the stigma associated with menopause and women 40 and older.

“With XbyX, we consider ourselves as our customers’ best friend, a source of information, and a place of understanding,” says Monique Leonhardt. We begin where there is a shortage of time or knowledge in the healthcare field and give our ladies the information they require to make informed decisions on their particular health.

The platform provides a wide range of herbal supplements that have been professionally created in addition to substantial video education programs on hormone understanding, weight training, and midlife weight loss.

Additionally, the femtech business created the XbyX check, which can provide personalized recommendations. As a result, the all-in-one marketplace provides a variety of options to handle the mental and physical difficulties associated with menopause and beyond.

Women’s health, and particularly all themes outside of pregnancy, menstruation, and fertility, are still notably neglected in the current market climate, according to Jochen Becker of ECONA AG. By synergistically combining their separate remarkable competencies, Monique Leonhardt and Peggy Reichelt have created a niche for themselves in this industry and established themselves as reliable partners.”

Added Jochen Becker, “They are democratizing a previously unfairly disregarded industry with their distinctive combination of goods and information transfer. We are honored to support efforts to maximize this potential for the welfare of all women.

Since their 2019 launch, the founders have made a name for themselves in this industry by drawing on their passion, individual experiences, and the assistance of a qualified medical advisory board. Over 50,000 women became the team’s devoted customers in 2022, and their sales more than doubled.

Peggy Reichelt: “At first, people frequently questioned why we were concentrating on such a “narrow” area. This demonstrates ignorance. Menopause is a stage of life that lasts for decades, and the effects on women continue as they age. Additionally, it affects all women who have uteri, or half of humankind.

Dr. Gesa Miczaika, AUXXO: “Back in 2019, when Monique and Peggy worked tirelessly to bootstrap their vision into reality, we were inspired by their proposal to bring menopause out of the unjustly forbidden corner. We are honored to provide both XbyX founders with financial support on their significant journey as a fund that focuses on female founders.

Image Credit: XbyX – Women in Balance


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