Bob W, a tech-enabled hospitality operator, has announced the €40 million Series B fundraising round.

The round was led by Evli Growth Partners and joined by growth capitalists and well-known European businesspeople, such as Mikko Kodisoja, co-founder of Supercell, Taavet+Sten, the investment firm of Wise’s founder Taavet Hinrikus and Sten Tamkivi, and Flashpoint, ushers in a new chapter in Bob W’s growth as it pursues its goal of providing each visitor with a five-star, locally-focused hospitality experience at scale.

Tech-Enabled Hospitality Revolution

Since its 2019 launch, Bob W has quickly become the industry leader in tech-enabled hospitality. The company unveiled 20 new buildings in 11 European locations in 2023 as part of its major expansion.

Bob W offers tech-enabled hospitality in a new category, making it a more intelligent and environmentally friendly option than hotels and short-term rentals. Currently, the company manages full-service, design-led aparthotels with a focus on sustainability in 17 cities and 10 countries throughout Europe. The distinctive local design and technology integrated into every Bob W apartment offer visitors the best of both worlds: the reliability and standard of a lifestyle hotel combined with the genuine local character and conveniences of a real house.


Niko Karstikko, co-founder and CEO stated:

“There is a surging demand for locally rooted, seamless travel experiences that technology enables. However, there aren’t enough industry standards or seasoned operators in the short-term rental space to provide hotel-caliber quality, local authenticity, and technological advancements to enhance the guest experience. Further, we are in the lead in this area at Bob W. We are moving in the right way, as seen by our growth and industry-leading customer satisfaction. We’re excited and ready to embark on a new chapter in developing our business and provide the Bob W travel experience to more of Europe, thanks to the backing of our investors.”

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Mikael Hed, a Growth Partner of Evli Growth Partners added:

“The hospitality industry needs brave disruptors like Bob W. The group is a leader in the just-emerging field of hybrid hospitality, providing genuine, seamless travel experiences made possible by state-of-the-art technology. Bob W’s expansion indicates the team’s exceptional comprehension of client requirements. We can’t wait to help the group through its next stage of development.”

Cutting-Edge Hospitality Solutions

To ensure that visitors always feel taken care of, Bob W’s patented technology and apps offer a flawless digital front desk experience that is supported by strong digital customer service and other fail safes. Based on real-time availability, super-early check-ins, and late check-outs can be promptly and automatically guaranteed. Even with fewer people on hand, “Bob W,” the ideal host who is primarily chat-based, is meant to give visitors the impression that they are getting the greatest customer service possible with a personal touch. In addition to providing a seamless online experience, Bob W’s “marketplace” links visitors to nearby restaurants, fitness centers, hotels, and a variety of digital goods to guarantee a genuinely local experience.

Bob W distinguishes its experience through dedication to sustainable design and local materials. The company sources décor from nearby properties by collaborating with local manufacturers, artists, and brands. This procedure strengthens Bob W’s position as a sustainability leader and harmonizes the visitor experience with the neighborhood. In addition to aggressively promoting openness and honesty, Bob W is a trailblazer in the hospitality sector who is dedicated to achieving climate net neutrality. The company also offsets emissions from every stay.

Image Credit: Bob W


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