Mosa Meat, a leader in the production of cultured beef, announced they are welcoming both new and existing partners to help bring grown beef to consumers, as part of €40 million in new capital raised to finance the next phase for the company. The fresh funds will go into expanding production operations even further and being ready to enter new markets.

The oversubscribed round was led by M Ventures and Lowercarbon Capital. New government-backed partners such as the Dutch state-owned impact investor Invest-NL, which covers in part InvestEU, the European Commission program supporting initiatives that match EU policy priorities, the provincial development agency LIOF, and the regional fund Limburg Energy Fund (LEF), which supports reducing greenhouse gas emissions, are among the investors.

Mosa Meat welcomed the PHW Group, a major European chicken producer, as a new partner, leveraging their expertise in the conventional meat sector. Moreover, Doux Investments, XO Ventures, and other fresh investors partnered with current investors to build a more robust and varied food chain.

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Maarten Bosch, CEO of Mosa Meat, said:

“The overall macroeconomic landscape has been rough in the last two years, which has culled the herd of companies & forced us to be even more strategic & focused on achieving our mission. We feel honored and humbled to extend invitations to traditional meat producers and public entities to join us on this crucial journey. In a more divisive world, we decided to connect and work together to create a future where customers have a genuine choice and may use grown beef as a supplementary instrument to fight climate change, biodiversity loss, and food insecurity.”

Maarten further added:

“Rethinking how we can sustainably provide delicious food for a planet that is expanding without endangering it is a difficult task that will require the support of numerous individuals and organizations.”

Mosa Meat is currently getting ready for their first official tastings of farmed beef in the Netherlands, following the opening and successful commencement of production at their scale-up plant and their conversion to a B Corp last year.

Image Credit: Mosa Meat


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