Sesame It, a cybersecurity startup based in Paris, has secured €10 million in financing from several investors, including Banque Postale, Banque des Territoires, as well as seasoned investors BNP and Astorya VC.

The money will go toward commercial development in Europe, where the expanded Network and Information Security Directive (NIS2) of the EU, which takes effect in 2024, will mandate that businesses of all sizes put in place effective cyber defenses against the rising number of threats.

The funds will be used to expand the company’s skill pool to better serve clients and business partners.

The company’s Jizô Network Detection & Response (NDR) solution was introduced last year, and within a year it became profitable, according to the statement.

Additionally, the company’s NDR tool is one of only four French NDR tools to hold such honor after receiving accreditation from the National Agency for IT Systems Security (ANSSI) of France.

Whether or not it involves critical infrastructure, any cyber defense plan must analyze network flows, according to Audrey Amédro, founder and CEO of Sesame. “Records of network activity and flow are rich, complete, and unfalsifiable. They provide a comprehensive view of IT networks, enabling the detection of any malicious activity. Jizô’s network flow analysis makes it possible to foresee threats, making it one of the best tools for finding cyber-malware and a crucial component of any successful cybersecurity strategy.

With its NDR solution, Jizô, Sesame was founded in 2017 by Audrey Amédro and Jérôme Gouy. It aids French and European organizations in implementing their cyber-defense strategy.

NDRs must pass a qualification procedure performed by the French National Agency for IT Systems Security to be approved for use by French CNIs. (ANSSI).

ANSSI has strict standards for regulation, technicality, security, and privacy, and this qualification procedure confirms that the solution complies with those standards.

According to the business, only four NDRs, including Sesame it’s Jizô, have received certification from ANSSI at this time. The French cybersecurity startup claims that once installed, the NDR enables businesses to track and detect any attack or network intrusion.

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This is accomplished through several monitoring engines powered by potent machine-learning algorithms that immediately notify managers of any unusual behavior.

Managers can then move quickly and decide what to do based on relevant data.

Nicolas Tymen of BNP Paribas Développement said, “Step by step, from strong foundations, Sesame has created an exceptional technological platform and passed the milestones from ANSSI qualification to large-scale marketing, becoming one of the most promising young businesses in cybersecurity. “We are honored to have partnered with a pool of qualified investors on this new round of financing for Sesame It since 2020.”

According to Olivier Lévy-Barouch, Deputy Managing Director of La Poste Groupe, “By investing in Sesame It, we are supporting the development of cutting-edge technology that protects large companies and CNIs in France and in Europe, and particularly for financial institutions.” The strong NDR of Sesame protects digital sovereignty, which is a crucial cyber defense theme that we are eager to support throughout the Banque Postale Groupe with our 115k investment.

Image Credit: Sesame It


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