Denmark-based Kanpla, a B2B SaaS solution startup, has raised €2.2M in a Seed round of funding to help with operational efficiency and food waste reduction in canteens and kitchens.

To position itself as the top digital canteen solution worldwide, Kanpla claims it would use the funds to quicken its expansion into the Netherlands, Norway, and the UK.

The venture capital fund henQ, located in Amsterdam, invested. The company writes tickets between €500K to €5M and invests in B2B software firms throughout Europe from pre-Seed to Series A.

We feel that Kanpla, with its strong traction and unique approach to digitalizing an often disregarded industry, has what it takes to be a game-changer in the canteen industry, according to Jan Andriessen, henQ Partner.

“Although the canteen sector first may appear unassuming, it is a sizable market with a lot of promise. Numerous B2B software applications have prospered in what could seem to be niche markets. One of the biggest tech companies in Denmark, Zendesk, was established long before the term “customer success software” had a clear definition. Kanpla is the kind of B2B company that we’re thrilled to assist since they can be the same, continues Andriessen.

“We’re thrilled to have our previous investors stay guiding us on our growth journey and now also henQ,” says Peter Baech, co-founder of Kanpla. We will need their expertise in addition to our knowledge and data if we are to successfully enter new markets.

In the EU, 153 million tonnes of food are wasted each year, according to a statement by Kanpla. That is a tremendous waste of resources for places like canteens, which are already struggling as a result of large rises in the price of food and electricity.

Canteens need to be well aware of the quantity and types of food they offer to make the best use of their resources. And this is the area where Kanpla hopes to contribute.

An ordering system for kitchens with repeat customers, such as canteens and lunch suppliers, is provided by Kanpla, a B2B software firm. By offering control and visibility over orders and supplies, the company asserts that it can assist kitchens in reducing food wastage.

The entrepreneurs who founded Kanpla, Peter Baech and Jonas Gttler, are some of the youngest people ever in Europe to raise €2 million or more. They are both 21 years old.

According to Peter Bch, “Many canteens can genuinely optimize their operations with data since it enables them to make wise judgments about the kinds and quantities of food they provide, ultimately saving them money and resources. At Kanpla, we are committed to assisting canteens in thriving in a market that is becoming more competitive.

Nearly 1,500 canteens and 92,000 users used the Kanpla platform in 2022. (among other businesses). The Dutch venture capital fund henQ, which is currently a part of the Kanpla investing group, was interested in the data.

Image Credit: Kanpla



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