A pre-seed fundraising round for Bridged, a London-basedUK-based content technology startup Bridged brings over €650K content technology startup, saw over €650K raised from BY Venture Partners, QVentures, and four angel investors.

Over the next 12 months, the AI-powered no-code platform will use the revenues to expand its sales force and enhance its product.

“This is a milestone for Bridged,” says Maanas Mediratta, the company’s founder and CEO. We are thrilled to have a steady stream of new investors who recognize how our software can transform the publishing and marketing landscape now that we have demonstrated that it works. We are overjoyed to have them along for the ride with Bridged.

Bridged, an industry’s first no-code AI solution to automate publishers’ content marketing funnels, was founded by Maanas Mediratta. News In Three Lines, an app by Mediratta that prioritizes social responsibility, was made before Bridged (NITL).

According to Mediratta, the news app (NITL) intends to make authentic, unadulterated news information interactive so consumers may connect with the media more effectively.

To assess visitor intent and locate hotspots within the text, audio, or video content that are expected to promote engagement, Bridged also uses artificial intelligence (AI).

As a result, the AI software developed by the UK startup generates up to 50 times more privacy-first data and up to a 10-fold boost in conversion rates.

“We have developed software that enables the publishing and content marketing industries to utilize AI in the same way that major social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter do. According to Mediratta, “AI is at a really exciting stage, as we see with initiatives like Chat GPT and Dall-E coming to the surface.

By utilizing first-party data and completely automated AI campaigns, Bridged’s AI also assists publishers and marketers in generating more clicks, ad income, sales, newsletter signups, and paid subscriptions.

Mediratta added, “With Bridged, businesses that frequently need to employ up to 10 software systems to manage their operations may get rid of them all and run their operations using our software at a fraction of their present IT costs.”

According to Abdallah Yafi, General Partner at BY, “AI is disrupting more and more established sectors while the content ecosystem is undergoing significant privacy-related changes. With a strong team, robust technology, and an artificial intelligence moat, Bridged is one of the victors in this shifting field, and we at BY are thrilled to take part in this round.

With recent privacy regulations and the abolition of third-party cookies, Alex Cochand, Head of Origination at QVentures, stated, “We feel that there will be a big opportunity for technology solutions to support publishers in sustaining and boosting their revenue. Since we will be working with Maanas and his team, QVentures is particularly thrilled about our investment in Bridged.

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