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Drees & Sommer, a global consulting firm, offers sustainable, innovative, and future-oriented solutions related to real estate and infrastructure. Learn about their groundbreaking initiatives and comprehensive strategies for generating lucrative opportunities and architecturally innovative living environments.

Drees & Sommer:

Drees & Sommer focuses on providing the best solutions that are sustainable, resourceful, and cost-effective for the industry in real estate, industrial, energy, and infrastructural industries. Founded in 1970, the company provides global services to more than 120 countries. Currently, it encompasses more than 6,000 employees in 63 offices. As a specialized consultancy, Drees & Sommer is leading in sustainability and digitalization and takes on approximately 6,500 projects worldwide.

The Blue Way Approach:

Combining Economy and Ecology

‘The blue way’ idea of Drees & Sommer includes the synchronization of optimizations in economy and ecology, costs of investment, and operation. It also includes the functional value of products and processes. Moreover, it empowers students, architects, builders, and planners to optimize value addition throughout the life cycle of a property based on the design, health, well-being, and friendliness of the facility to the user.

Excitingly Provocative Projects

Dress & Sommer’s planned and designed buildings have always succeeded in making the users perky and successful. These buildings encourage and often urge the developers to think about combinations of tradition and future, physical and digital, rationality and well-being. The goal is to create digital buildings that are sustainable, innovative, and efficient and come at a relatively low cost.

Customized Smart Building: Tensions: Cube Berlin:

Project Overview

Drees & Sommer specifically supported Cube Berlin office buildings as their expert consultants on facade technology, technical building equipment, energy design, building physics, FM consulting, and lean construction management with a digital twist. This smart building is implemented with innovative technology and green building, and it even gained both the platinum awards of the Germany Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) and a high score from WiredScore.

Added Value

Cube Berlin reflects an integrated approach to current digitalization processes and the impact of such methods on ecological, social, and economic environments. The building is made of all glass, and TPS Departure is tailored with AI to identify and meet users’ requirements and needs. Therefore, it is very comfortable and highly effective.

Creating Livable Cities:

Human Urban Approach:

The strategy utilized by Drees & Sommer on the sustainable urban development concept is geared towards making cities enjoyable, efficient, and oriented towards people’s needs. These cities never evolve but transform themselves radically while having a clear idea of what they are up to and preserving their authenticity.

A city that is sustainable, digital, and economical depends on proper planning and the availability of appropriate resources.

Drees & Sommer’s concept of livable cities integrates sustainability into the design, using the cradle-to-cradle principle and smart digitalization. Many cities also help drive economies through vibrant urban settings and modern mobility ideas.

High-Yield Portfolios:

Sustainable Investment

Investors can use Drees & Sommer’s solutions in portfolio optimization to achieve high returns with sustainable real estate, digital transparency tools, and innovative rental concepts. This is because these portfolios are stable, well-organized, and economically planned.

Digital and Economic Benefits

Well-implemented digitalization transpires to enhance transparency and contain costs. While sustainable real estate generates better rental payments and sales prices, Rational use of real estate space and flexibility in managing it enable higher returns.

Efficient Infrastructure Solutions:

Sustainable and Digital Infrastructure

Drees & Sommer uses C2C-inspired concrete and steel in their infrastructure and also incorporates digital techniques. What is more, these solutions are supposed to be expandable in the future and be efficient on an economic level.

Innovative Mobility Concepts

Offering specialized key solutions for creating new transport means and radical mobility concepts, Drees & Sommer also strives to provide effective and uninterrupted infrastructure and networks with corresponding alterations to support smooth and secure transports for passengers and cargo carriers.

Forward-Looking Consulting:

Comprehensive and Critical Approach

Drees & Sommer work with an accepting-contexts approach, analyzing particular components in complex environments. Their futuristic approach focuses on sustainability, digitization, the economy, and innovation.

Zero Carbon Challenge

It assists businesses in transitioning fully to net zero and formulating end-to-end CO2 plans. This entails the assessment of emissions, putting in place measures to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and ensuring zero climate bias in the business process.


After years of establishment, Drees & Sommer has become the market leader in consulting and implementing services for different industry sectors. It continuously works on innovation, sustainability, and economic effectiveness. All credit goes to their integral thinking methods and devotion to bringing together the opposites that assure that integrated buildings, inhabitable cities, and efficient structures do exist, ultimately guaranteeing a bright future of sustainability.


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