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Uncovering the transitional potential of the GreenTech Festival 2024, an international forum encouraging cutting-edge green technologies. Discovering exciting startups such as GreenAIR, Natch, and Reparell AB and their green practices.

What is the GreenTech Festival?

GTF is an international event aimed at supporting the shift towards a sustainable future and the development of green technologies. It is an event that wants to become the innovation platform for green technologies, a marketplace for electric and autonomous vehicles, clean mobility, charging infrastructure, and renewable energy solutions.

GreenTech Festival takes place in major cities including LA, London, and Berlin. The event is geared towards addressing climate issues and furthering the cause of reaching net zero. Organized with seminars, key speakers, up-trending & attractive exhibitions, and prestigious award presentations, it builds a fruitful environment for individuals, ideas, innovations, industries, and organizations who should bear responsibility to look after the world and embrace sustainability.

In what ways does the GTF benefit the community?

The GreenTech Festival benefits the community by bringing together like-minded people who can learn from each other and be inspired to take new steps. Existing as the main global forum it gathers individuals, organizations, and companies to discuss and develop further sustainable approaches to the climate phenomenon. By participating in the festival, one is prompted to work towards the improvement of the environment through wearing organic materials and using technologies, products, and or services that are friendly to the environment. By emphasizing progressive approaches and praising the participants with innovative Green Award projects, it fosters participation and commitment to green projects.

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Inventive Eco-friendly Startups at the GreenTech Festival:

Family-run Büttenpapierfabrik Gmund is known for handcrafted papers, 75 % of its products are shipped across the globe. Minimize offers an empirically ground solution to CO2 compensation with target audiences, including electronic device manufacturers and retailers, and businesses with IT systems. Brunel provides talent to sustainable projects around the world. Drees & Sommer green consultation for property and infrastructure asset portfolios. Natch offers sustainable toothpaste tablets for a green way of life. Nextract Energy enhances the production and usage of renewable energy. Reparell AB develops textile yarns and fabrics from waste while focusing on quality. E.ON Group spearheads energy novation in Europe. Happy Ocean Foods is a startup that focuses on making yummy seafood from plants.

Protegg GmbH processes food industry by-products and makes them environment-friendly. Senken minimizes the risks of carbon removal projects to zero while providing companies with the perfect opportunity to hit their net-zero targets. Manufacturing new leathers using bio-based polymers, PEELSPHERE aims to create sustainable solutions. GreenAIR has developed specific services that will aid in the process of decarbonization as well as ensure more integrity of the carbon market. Sustainable and easily adaptable to everyday life, UNDA’s no-waste filter bottle is as much an ingenious piece of design as it is for the environment. The Circular Rubber Platform introduces renewable recycled material into the rubber industry to create a cyclic ecosystem.


GreenTech Festival 2024 was a great event through which the advanced technologies in the green industry and the sustainable solutions to societal problems could be seen. Moreover, through this event, participants get an opportunity to have a forum where they can meet, communicate, and work together to create a positive change toward environmental conservation. With fresh ideas from companies such as Minimize and Happy Ocean Foods, the festival taught people that solutions to climate problems exist, all we need is innovation and support from the community. While the festival expands the future cities such as Los Angeles and Singapore, it is a symbol of hope in creating a better world positively impacted by global changes.

Image Credit: Robert Schlesinger


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