Founda Health, an Amsterdam-based technology business, has acquired Philips Interoperability Solutions, formerly Forcare. Founda Health plays a pivotal role in shaping the Global Healthcare Infrastructure by providing essential technology and solutions for the worldwide healthcare sector.

The Founda Health team and the Philips Interoperability Solutions team will work together as a result of this agreement.

By optimizing care cooperation through data interchange and reducing procedures, Philips Interoperability Solutions seeks to address difficulties in the healthcare industry.

According to the company, its knowledge has helped many healthcare organizations by promoting interconnected information systems and increasing productivity to improve the standard of care overall.

“The Philips health continuum idea is built on interoperability. To enhance treatment, we at Philips Interoperability Solutions combine patient clinical data as individuals move through the phases of the health continuum, according to the business.

Purpose Behind the Merger

Founda Health strengthens its national and international operations and enhances its global presence in healthcare data interchange by acquiring Philips Interoperability Solutions.

Founda Health remains committed to constructing an innovative, scalable, and cost-effective data infrastructure, fostering innovation for the benefit of patients and healthcare professionals.

By allowing communication between novel digital solutions with current IT systems—such as Forcare’s technology, which permits the sharing of medical data across healthcare providers—Founda Health asserts that its platform removes obstacles to healthcare innovation.

“The future of healthcare will be determined by its ability to change and innovate,” states Founda Health’s Erik Schilperoort, MD. To ensure a healthcare ecosystem that is ready for the future, new collaboration models must be implemented and data must be readily available and used to their full potential.

Accordingly, Schilperoort continues, “This acquisition is a logical step toward a new healthcare data infrastructure that enables innovation to put patient care above all else.”

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Founda Health becomes a comprehensive data availability solution as a result of the acquisition, guaranteeing safe and easily available data throughout the healthcare system. By lightening the burden on IT teams and healthcare practitioners alike, the integrated platform improves care quality overall.

“A seamless transition for our existing customers, employees, and partners is our priority,” states Schilperoort. Furthermore, we are investing in the platform integration step-by-step and will be adding new functions over time.

“Then, customers can fully benefit from ongoing modernization and the integration of the two platforms.”

“Our goal is still the same: to lead the way in healthcare data accessibility so that the whole industry can keep innovating with the needs of the patient in mind.”

Overview of Founda Health: A Snapshot

Jan Joost Kalff, a serial IT entrepreneur, founded Founda Health in 2019 to offer a digital global healthcare infrastructure for the interchange of medical data.

Employing a platform approach, Founda serves as a bridge between healthcare providers’ systems and international health apps. This cost-effective collaboration eliminates the need for pricey setup and maintenance.

Through the consolidation of various data standards into a unified API, Founda’s platform enhances efficiency, fostering connectivity across healthcare IT systems. It further facilitates industry growth by integrating healthcare apps with global Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems.

Hospitals have a range of apps to select from, and Founda Health handles the localization required for EHR partners in each region.

The company raised $15 million in February 2021 from a collection of fintech and healthcare entrepreneurs. The investment funded the platform’s ongoing development as well as the company’s integrations with EHR systems and worldwide expansion.

Image Credit: Founda Health


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