The Hague-based, industrial AI startup RESONIKS, which analyzes acoustic responses from resonating items to identify anomalies, has disclosed raising €2.65 million.

Faber and EIT Manufacturing joined Kvanted in leading the seed round.

RESONIKS, founded in 2022, is leading the way in rethinking quality control procedures. By resonating things and evaluating their acoustic response, RESONIKS has developed a novel method that detects anomalies in metal components by utilizing artificial intelligence and acoustics. This solves the worldwide labor deficit and automates tedious and potentially dangerous inspections, guaranteeing that products satisfy strict quality standards. With a focus on important industries like automotive and marine, RESONIKS finds flaws that are undetectable to the human or mechanical eye, minimizing waste, conserving energy, and encouraging environmentally friendly metal recycling.

With more than 20 years of combined industry and startup experience, Felix Wassmann (CEO), Fabian Oberndorfer (CTO), and Isaac Kargar (CIO) founded RESONIKS, a company that is transforming the non-destructive testing sector with the accuracy of acoustic analysis and the wisdom of artificial intelligence.

The CEO of RESONIKS, Felix Wassmann, remarked:

“We are thrilled by the overwhelming support received during this seed funding round.” “With our team and customer base growing, as well as the confidence our investors have shown in us, we are well on our way to eliminating the need for manual quality inspection.”

Carlos Silva, a partner at Faber, continued:

“Faber, a DeepTech investor, believes that RESONIKS perfectly fits their investment philosophy. RESONIKS is a prime example of our commitment to fostering impactful solutions in large industries through innovative DeepTech. This focus is actively translated into action by RESONIKS’ AI-powered acoustic solution for quality control in the manufacturing industry. Faber’s support lends RESONIKS a great deal of legitimacy because of their impressive track record of spearheading early-stage investments in DeepTech startups.”

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Thanks to its network model, which brings together startups and elite industrial partners to accelerate sustainable innovation in Europe, RESONIKS has also found an important partner in EIT Manufacturing. With co-funding from the EU, EIT Manufacturing will actively assist RESONIKS in expanding into new markets and providing customer services.

Kevin Lenehan, Director of Investments, at EIT Manufacturing, said:

“We are excited to work with RESONIKS to actively support their mission of revolutionizing quality control procedures in the industrial sector, as well as their exciting journey of growth and innovation. Our partnership with RESONIKS is in line with our commitment to fostering sustainable innovation and strengthening resilience in Europe’s manufacturing industry.”

This fits in nicely with RESONIKS’ European operational footprint, which includes offices in Tampere, Finland, and the Dutch city of The Hague as its headquarters. Due to their locations and RESONIKS’ basic values of innovation through ongoing learning and consumer input, the startup has been able to draw in the talent needed to expand. The varied team, which now includes the three founders, has grown from four to fourteen members since the initial close in November 2023.

The rapidly expanding group has already proven to be very adept at integrating RESONIKS’ solutions into the industrial processes of its current clients. Several European enterprises, primarily in Germany, have implemented the RESONIKS system. Furthermore, the business plans to introduce a fully integrated In-Line system as part of its product line when it launches its second product series in May 2024.

Image Credit: RESONIKS


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