LabLabee, a hands-on labs platform for Telco Cloud providers, has received €1.4M in a pre-seed round led by Brighteye Ventures, along with participation from Accel Capital, Kima Ventures, and e& capital, the commercial arm of e&.

Along with this, other well-known business angels took part, including Sebastien Pahl, co-founder of Docker, Anne Tavares, Executive Telco Cloud Director at Nokia, Patrice Nivaggioli, Global Service Provider Innovation Lead at Cisco, and Tambi Jalouqa, CEO of Propeller.

With the money, the business plans to enhance the learning experience for customers, speed up platform delivery and create more laboratories for cutting-edge technologies like the Internet of Things, Edge Computing, and Network Slicing.

The business also intends to grow its staff, which will allow for more original concepts and clever solutions to pressing issues.

“I think open, elastic, and scalable telecom networks are the way of the future. Samir Tahraoui, co-founder and CEO of LabLabee, describes their vision for the company: “With LabLabee, we are preparing the industry for this transformation through an immersive virtual hands-on platform to make Telco Cloud technologies like 5G or OpenRAN accessible same as we have with web technologies in terms of delay, procedure, and flexibility.

LabLabee is an upskilling platform that enables telecom operators, industrial businesses, and training institutes to incorporate the practice into their training while reducing the costs associated with the procedure. It was founded by Samir Tahraoui and Mahfoud Sidi Ali Mebarek.

The French startup helps students enhance their learning and achieve their full potential by offering hardware-free Telco cloud laboratories, preparing them for the industry’s shift to the cloud.

The business had eight official partners last year. Two of these partnerships—Setelia and TIP Academy—help to give customers the laboratories they need to effectively upskill staff.

Numerous well-known businesses and institutions, such as Orange France, Togocom, and INSA Lyon, also use the platform.

The French company now lists 156 challenges and 13 laboratories for telco cloud technologies, such as OpenRAN, SDN, Openstack, and 5G.

“We think that by purchasing, fostering, and assisting innovative IT enterprises, we can advance a bright digital future. In terms of innovation and digital disruption, LabLabee can bring about significant changes “the head of corporate venture capital at e& capital, Kushal Shah, says.

Kushal added, “We are committed to assisting such companies who are capable of turning their original ideas into the large enterprises of tomorrow. This is in keeping with our aspirations to digitally empower society all over the world.

The telecom cloud business is undergoing a significant shift, but industry training has not kept up, according to David Guérin, Principal at Brighteye. We firmly believe that the founders can revolutionize this underserved sector by assisting telco engineers in upgrading their skill sets in a more effective, affordable, and enjoyable manner.

Image Credit: LabLabee


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