Deep tech startup Hadean, based in London, has raised $30M in a Series A fundraising round led by Molten Ventures, and with the participation of Epic Games, 2050 Capital, Alumni Ventures, Aster Capital, Entrepreneur First, and InQTel.

The UK company will be able to expand its ground-breaking metaverse infrastructure technology with the help of the fresh money from Series A. Additionally, the funding from Epic Games will assist Hadean in expanding its scalable, interoperable, and secure metaverse capabilities.

“Hadean aims to bridge the physical and virtual worlds – to help us make better decisions and ultimately improve the quality of our lives in the physical world,” says Craig Beddis, co-founder and CEO. Virtual worlds of today offer a limited experience that is compartmentalized, unsafe, and of a tiny size.

“Therefore, these are the technical difficulties we’re dealing with now. However, we think that the real success and widespread use of the metaverse will depend on how simple it is for creators to scale up their own experiences using open and reliable metaverse-as-a-service technology. We’re excited to collaborate with leaders in the industry like Epic Games since they share our values and aspirations for making this reality, Craig added.

“Hadean has been working with Epic and their Unreal Engine for years and had previously received a significant MegaGrant,” adds Mimi Keshani, co-founder and COO. The 14,000-player demo with CCP Games, which broke the current 100-player server limit, was entirely constructed using Unreal Engine. The funding advances our common goal of a scalable metaverse.

“The next generation of the internet, the metaverse, won’t be developed or owned by a single business or be exclusive in any manner, shape, or form, he says. The next generation of artists and developers can build this future with next-gen components like Hadean thanks to Epic Games, which shares this attitude. However, the virtual worlds of today are, regrettably, small-scale, compartmentalized, and unsafe experiences. Therefore, these are the technical difficulties we are dealing with right now.”

He continues, “The true success and widespread adoption of the metaverse will depend on the simplicity with which artists may scale up the development of their own experiences using open and reliable metaverse-as-a-service technology. We’re thrilled to be the infrastructure supporting the initial wave of these experiences with partners like Gamescoin’s web3 gaming platform and Pixelynx’s music verse.

Since its founding in 2015, Hadean has created key metaverse components and negotiated multi-year contracts with companies in the entertainment industry (including Sony, Gamescoin, Pixelynx, and Minecraft), as well as with providers of digital twins for businesses and education.

“Hadean’s technology is led by the goal of an open, decentralized, and accessible metaverse where creators have the means to construct and expand virtual worlds and users may enjoy new social experiences,” says Keshani in explaining the idea behind Hadean.

According to this idea, the Hadean Platform “unlocks the opportunity for designers and developers to create interoperable and secure immersive 3D environments without worrying about current server limits, such as inadequate AI, limiting concurrent players, and slowing down gameplay.” Keshani was added

In a live dogfight in space at the Game Developers Conference 2019, the firm collaborated with EVE Online creator CCP Games to shatter the record for the most players in a single-sharded world, which is still standing today.

For enterprise, commercial, gaming, and government customers, the company’s distributed cloud platform allows scalability, security, and interoperability, powering the metaverse and immersive digital experiences.

Hadean has collaborated with businesses like Thales, CAE, BAE, Francis Crick, Sony, Gamescoin, Epic Games, Microsoft, and Minecraft.

Hadean wants to expand its clientele, network of business partners, and revenue stream while accelerating technological advancement.

In 2022, he says, “we’re focused on expanding our integrations with the ecosystem of world-class tools in this sector, from games engines to clouds, data providers, and more. We’re thrilled to collaborate more closely with industry leaders like Epic Games and better serve the market together.”

Molten has been a part of Hadean’s journey since early 2019, according to David Cummings, a Venture Partner at the company. Since then, we’ve witnessed the Hadean team accomplish challenging technological goals, amass a strong clientele across numerous industries, and continue to draw in talented individuals. As Hadean develops, it is a pleasure to continue to support it.

Image Credit: Hadean


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