Perspectum, a precision health-tech startup, has completed the first close of its Series C investment round. Oppenheimer Holdings served as the lead investor in the company’s $36 million funding round. This brings the company’s total capital raised to $120 million to date.

The startup manufactures medical imaging technologies to enhance the diagnosis of metabolic illnesses and cancer.

Perspectum is attempting to increase the size of its clientele and spread out across the nation. Perspectum will utilize the fresh capital to speed up the development of its product pipeline for oncology and multiorgan inflammatory disorders in addition to expanding its US operations.

According to Rajarshi Banerjee, CEO of Perspectum, “We are excited to have Oppenheimer and British Patient Capital join our quest to produce safer and more accurate imaging technologies that will help doctors reduce patients’ diagnostic and treatment journeys.”

Rajarshi further said, “This new financing will assist us to continue developing innovative solutions that will make healthcare safer by offering non-invasive alternatives to biopsy, completely altering how and when we can diagnose and treat numerous diseases,” the author says.

“Perspectum is bringing together the life sciences and deep tech sectors of the UK’s innovation economy as they lead technology advancements transforming the patient experience. According to Catherine Lewis, CEO of British Patient Capital.

“We are pleased to partner with an industry-leading team at Perspectum and support their worldwide expansion objectives through our Future Fund: Breakthrough initiative,” Catherine added.

The over 12,000 US healthcare facilities using Nuance’s increasing Precision Imaging Network will embrace Perspectum’s non-invasive quantitative multiparametric MR (Magnetic Resonance) software services more quickly thanks to this new partnership.

Digital technologies from Perspectum enable clinicians to give improved care to patients with cancer, diabetes, and liver disease. It aspires to empower patients and physicians through quantitative assessments of health that enable early detection, diagnosis, and focused therapy with a significant focus on precision medicine employing modern imaging and genomics.

Its software products improve a standard magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine’s capabilities by enabling it to record multiparametric mapping data that enables its AI-driven software to measure organ inflammation with more accuracy, assisting in the diagnosis and monitoring of patients with chronic diseases.

Image Credit: Perspectum


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