Founded by a team of Apache Flink experts, Immerok has just secured €17 million to enhance how businesses use Apache Flink to process data in real-time. The Berlin-based startup is now planning to launch its cloud service and expand the team.

Data-driven choices and insights are dictating how firms run in our digital age. Because of this, businesses of all sizes increasingly rely on developers to obtain, process and analyze data, which can be a time-consuming and expensive process.

Using a platform that lets developers create, run, and support Flink-based stream processing apps in the cloud without the need for expensive infrastructure knowledge, Immerok is on a mission to help businesses exploit real-time data. The firm just received further funding to expand its offering.

Immerok is currently establishing itself as a significant market player in this sector after announcing the closure of more than €17 million in its seed round. Along with other angel investors, including Stephan Ewen, the co-creator of Apache Flink, the funding was led by CUSP Capital, 468 Capital, Cortical VC, and Essence VC.

“With Immerok, Apache Flink’s future is in capable hands,” says Stephan Ewen. I collaborated with the co-founders of Immerok for a long time. They produce incredibly robust technology, have in-depth expertise in stream processing and cloud-native computing, and like interacting with the Flink user community. I’m thrilled to be serving as their advisor.

“Using AI to develop novel real-time consumer experiences and boost operational efficiency is at the top of practically every business leader’s technology agenda today,” says Jan Sessenhausen, general partner at Cusp Capital.

“To do this, businesses need to have the ability to efficiently analyze enormous amounts of data in real-time and without interruption. We are excited to work with Immerok on their journey because they have the vision, the team, and the technology to make this a reality for enterprises of all shapes and sizes, Jan continued.

The Berlin-based team, which also operates in the US and other parts of Europe, was cofounded in 2022 by a group of Apache Flink experts, including many Committers and PMC members. Its goal is to assist businesses in utilizing Apache Flink, an open-source stream processing engine that already powers many of the world’s largest real-time e-commerce, entertainment, and financial services systems.

Anyone can utilize the Immerok service to take advantage of Flink’s full potential to suit a variety of real-time business needs, including quick data pipelines, user-facing analytics, real-time ML/AI, and transaction processing.

“Businesses today differentiate themselves by data, hence the most strategic IT projects right now revolve around data-intensive apps to enable AI/ML models as well as real-time and predictive analytics,” said Holger Temme, co-founder, and CEO of Immerok.

“Stream processing, and specifically Apache Flink, are crucial to those systems, and up until now, enterprises have needed specialists to design, run, and expand those streaming applications—specialists who are costly and hard to come by. By bridging the gap between stream processing and cloud-native applications, Immerok will make it simple for businesses to develop cutting-edge real-time systems.

The business will use the money to advance and introduce its fully-managed cloud service for Apache Flink, which is already accessible to customers of the Early Access Program on AWS. In the future, Immerok intends to increase support for additional cloud platforms. The investment will also be used by the business to expand its staff. By the end of the year, Immerok hopes to have 30 employees and is now searching for positions in engineering, community relations, and customer success.

Engineering Lead at ING Erik de Nooij: “ING was one of the early adopters of Apache Flink. The de facto standard for streaming applications at ING was first established as a POC in 2016 and later developed into a global platform. Adopting a SQL-first strategy and improving integration with the data lake where machine learning models are being built are the next steps in this progression. This next phase will place ING on a trajectory where a larger target audience will have access to analytic capabilities, leading to more data-driven decisions.

“Demand for streaming analytics apps is rising,” says Florian Leibert of 468 Capital. We are thrilled to be collaborating with Immerok and are certain that they are the best group to assist businesses to alter the way they function by bringing real-time computing into the mainstream.

Image Credit: Immerok


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