Trusted Twin, a Gdansk-based developer platform for real-time data sharing, has raised $1 million in pre-seed funding, with participation from Presto Ventures, Movens Capital, RKKVC, Startup Wise Guys, and numerous well-known angel investors.

The new funding will be used to expand the business, from team size to customer base to further development of the startup’s operational data-sharing solution.

A group of seasoned IT start-up executives from Gdansk launched Trusted Twin after noticing a gap in the industry that currently prevents effective data exchange between partners.

With the help of Trusted Twin, businesses may model, create, store, and share virtual representations of virtually any tangible or intangible assets that are important to them.

Additionally, Trusted Twin provides them with a framework that is trust-based, safe, dependable, and scalable. The platform offers a full data sharing layer that handles issues with trust and control, including management of data visibility and accessibility as well as defense from externally harmful interferences.

Additionally, it delivers smooth scalability supported by a serverless architecture and gets around previous difficulties with interoperability and integration.

According to Krzysztof Malicki, CEO of Trusted Twin, “Data sharing is becoming a corporate need, and cumbersome, time-consuming data sharing practices will undoubtedly limit business growth.”

“Data sharing is one of the biggest problems in IT, and most organizations lack the resources and technologies needed to create the appropriate frameworks. Our goal is to solve the data-sharing dilemma between partners with a creative solution based on the digital twin concept while accelerating the digital transformation for nearly any type of organization.

“Essentially, we are a data-sharing layer that relieves developers of non-functional needs like scalability and availability, allowing them to concentrate on the core of their business.”

Image Credit: Trusted Twin


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