Alicia, an insurance-as-a-service provider for independent contractors with headquarters in Rotterdam has raised €7M in a Seed round of fundraising.

Strategic investors Volta Ventures, Randstad Innovation Fund, and Achmea Innovation Fund contributed to the investment.

“We are happy about this outstanding collection of investors who, in the current investment climate, help us in realizing our ambition: to have 1 million freelancers insured by the end of next year,” said Alicia CEO and co-founder Marijn Moerman.

Marijn Moerman, the CEO of Alicia, thinks that offering sound insurance policies to all independent contractors will help slow the growth of under or uninsured freelancers.

People want to work differently than they did 30 years ago, according to Marijn Moerman. In 2022, working for oneself is common. Despite this, a large number of independent workers are underinsured since insurance is sometimes complicated, pricey, and unsuited to their requirements and preferences.

We think that embedded insurance increases access to insurance. It is feasible to develop sustainable independent work and address the social issue of uninsured freelancers for a reasonably moderate premium per hour.

Alicia offers customized insurance solutions for small businesses using digital platforms like the Dutch Knab bank app or the HeadFirst Group staffing firm. In other words, the company offers customers the “most” appropriate insurance package regardless of how they manage their finances—in a banking app or through freelancing.

According to a statement from Alicia, the company is expanding quickly and has recently recruited 20 new partners to its technological platform.

Work platforms in Europe now have access to group plug-and-play insurance options thanks to their cooperation with Roamler. This collaboration is consistent with Alicia’s plans to grow worldwide. The insurance solution is available outside of the Netherlands in Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, and the UK.

Before the year is over, according to Alicia, there will be 100,000 insured independent contractors.

According to Alicia, the monies raised will support the company’s efforts “to address the underinsurance of freelancers” and will hasten its growth in Europe.

Moerman claims, “We were seeking a personal connection and a shared vision of Alicia’s future, in addition to delivering value through growth money and strategic skills. With the money, Alicia will provide embedded insurance solutions in several European nations in 2023, broaden its selection of products, and keep improving its tech platform, which is the key to its success.

Image Credit: Alicia


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