Eat Food Pakistan, a food-tech startup based in Karachi, has raised more than $1 million in a Pre-Seed Round.

The funds will be used to extend its operations in Karachi and other tier-one cities in Pakistan.

Since the company’s first food festivals were introduced in Pakistan in 2014, it has been in the business of transforming the local culinary market.

Eat Food Pakistan, the pioneering organization behind Eat Festivals, has subsequently developed into a complete ecosystem with three parts (Eat Festivals, Eat Cloud, and Eats Official) that aim to reform the food business.

Their cloud kitchen platform, which they launched in 2021 under the moniker Eat Cloud, is the most recent addition to their collection. Their ambitious growth strategy includes a long-term goal of having more than 300 cloud kitchens operating throughout Pakistan by 2025.

Eat Cloud offers services like inventory management, real-time operational data, consumer insights, and other analytics to assist partners to create a seamless food delivery experience from their kitchens to the consumers’ tables. These services help partners maximize operational efficiency.

The project’s philosophy is described by the Group CEO, Omar Omari: “The Pakistani population spends $90.8 billion on food each year. Eat Food Pakistan is assembling essential components to reimagine the surroundings.”

The competitive advantage of EFP is further elaborated upon by Omar Omari, who says that “the three verticals of EFP are focused on helping our food community flourish and grow. The Eat Food Festivals act as a springboard for aspiring food businesses, Eat Cloud gives its food partners the tools they need to operate with the greatest efficiency and lowest overhead, and Eats Official gives food partners the chance to establish relationships with and engage with the online food community.

He further explains, “We have created our ecosystem to cultivate a community whereby our partners gain as our ecosystem expands.”

Recently, the company formed partnerships with Delivery Hero Kitchens and Delivery Hero Pakistan to assist both companies with data facilitation, food partners, and potential hotspot identification.

Through the partnership with Delivery Hero, Foodpanda will assist Eat Food Pakistan in locating locations for the installation of its cloud kitchens and provide a customer database to help fill those kitchens with food. These would be Panda Kitchens-powered Eat Cloud kitchens that are managed by Foodpanda.

Image Credit: Eat Food Pakistan


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