Norway-based legal tech startup, which provides a platform for rating attorneys, has raised €475,000 through a fresh share offering on the crowdfunding platform

The business has been valued at €4 million with participation from 50 new shareholders in the round.

The startup was founded in 2020 as Advokatguiden. Since then, it has expanded to include Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, and the Netherlands and has drawn approximately a million users. In 2023, the business will expand its activities to cover the United States and several other significant European countries. asserts to have a directory of every lawyer in the country. Lawyers can claim their profile and edit it to include more information. The business generates revenue by promoting the lawyers who pay for the service and by connecting those lawyers with prospective new clients. The platform also offers a web-based SaaS marketing package for lawyers.

Both Erling and Ali had previously worked as attorneys in Norway. They worked in the legal fields of banking, real estate, and information technology. They were aware personally of how murky the legal industry is. How much does it cost to hire a lawyer? How do lawyers compare to one another? What legal specialties do they have? None of this information is accessible to the general public, other than what the lawyers may say about themselves. CEO Ali Ahmed stated, “We are thrilled to have completed our first public seed financing. With the hike, we hope to achieve profitability in several important markets, such as Norway and Sweden. We are also launching in the US, the UK, Italy, and France later this year. We may eventually need more money, but this moves us a long way toward our objective of global expansion.’s general manager and previous lawyer are Ali Ahmed. When he was employed early this year, Erling Lken Andersen, an IT entrepreneur and former lawyer who launched the platform in 2020, was replaced. The foreign operations of are now under Ahmed’s supervision.

Our main objective is to turn into the biggest lawyer review site in the world. We have the tools, the know-how, and the qualified personnel to finish the project, Ahmed continued.

“Consumers need someone they can trust in the marketplace because there are more and more phony reviews appearing everywhere. Our goal is to establish TheLawyerGuide as that person and a crucial component of the lawyer-choosing process.

Image Credit: TheLawyerGuide


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