A London-based startup and developer of carbon-neutral sustainable sonic toothbrushes, SURI (SUstainable RItuals), has closed a seed round of £2M from JamJar Investments and Hambro Perks.

The fresh funds will be used by the business to expand into other retail channels, grow its team, and sustain its current level of sales.

“Hambro Perks and JamJar Investments’ support is very appreciated, and we are grateful for it. Their specialized knowledge and assistance will help SURI to develop from a market alternative with tremendous potential to a cutting-edge industry disruptor, which we believe is badly lacking in the oral care sector, says Mark Rushmore, co-founder of SURI.

The company estimates that every year, 4 billion toothbrushes are disposed of in landfills.

SURI, a company founded by Mark Rushmore and Gyve Safavi, aims to combat the landfill problem with its carbon-neutral Sustainable Sonic Toothbrush, which has an aluminum handle and plant-based heads and is designed with the right to repair in mind.

In contrast to other electric models, the body may be readily disassembled by SURI and returned for recycling or repair. SURI also offers simple mail-back recycling for all of its goods.

The toothbrush is powered by a long-lasting rechargeable battery that may last for more than 30 days between charges, and sonic technology produces 33,000 brush strokes per minute, offering an environmentally sustainable way to have healthier teeth, a whiter smile, and a clear conscience.

“Our quick growth tells us that consumers want high-performing items without sacrificing sustainability or attractive design. Given the size of our competitors, who have controlled the industry for decades, they have been putting their money where their mouth is, which is important, says Gyve Safavi, co-founder of SURI.

A global investment company with its London headquarters that specializes in technology investing is called Hambro Perks. Hambro Perks offers several specialized, differentiated investing strategies, including Hambro Perks Environmental Technology, Special Situations, and Access, which invests in venture secondary securities, in addition to its flagship Venture, EIS, and co-investment funds.

“The SURI team has developed a genuinely creative product, and after investing in the pre-seed round, we are forward to keep working with them as they go forward in their growth. We recognized the power of the company Mark and Gyve founded thanks to Hambro Perks’ significant experience supporting innovative, technology-enabled businesses. Additionally, SURI has shown how its cutting-edge innovation may significantly alter the industry, bringing about favorable changes for both consumers and the environment, according to Tom Bradley, Partner at Hambro Perks.

A £100 million venture capital firm, JamJar Investments focuses on the FMCG and consumer technology industries. The VC has supported numerous outstanding founding teams at the seed and series A stages.

JamJar Investments takes pleasure in investing in companies that will change the way we live, thus we couldn’t be happier to help SURI keep up its pace after immediately demonstrating its capacity to shock the oral healthcare industry. According to JamJar Investments co-founder Richard Reed, SURI meets all the requirements for eye-catching design aesthetics, ground-breaking environmental standards, and best-in-class performance. It also perfectly aligns with our consumer trend intelligence.

Image Credit: SURI


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