Aryel, a SaaS business, has received €3.7 million in funding to support a new era of content called augmented reality. The Milan-based company now intends to expand the markets where their no-code solution is available.

The funding, which brought the total funding to €3.7 million and was headed by PranaVentures, was raised in a post-seed round.

Along with Logotel SpA, the investment holding companies Selected Investments SpA and KF-Invest., business angels Alessio Beverina (Panakès Partners), Andrea Lovato (F&P4BIZ), Enrico and Rossella Cerea (Michelin 3-star restaurant), Vittorio Dionisi (HelloVacanze), Lorenzo Del Bianco (DUDE), Massimo Pagnetti (H-FARM), Fabio Lalli (IQUII), and Gianluca Maestroni (DeltaOhm) also participated in the round.

Regardless of industry, the major goal of many marketing teams and organizations worldwide is to produce high-quality content that is current, real, and new. Content is an essential component of growth since it enhances a brand, builds customer familiarity, facilitates lead creation, and encourages audience participation.

Utilizing new technologies and staying abreast of trends is how marketing teams can keep content relevant in the digital age.

Aryel, which will debut in 2020, intends to enable marketing teams and creatives to make use of a brand-new, rapidly expanding form of content called augmented reality. The Italian startup just received additional money and is now preparing to grow.

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Aryel, a Milan-based SaaS business, offers a drag-and-drop tool that enables teams to quickly develop and distribute AR-based content. Metrics may be measured and tracked, the campaign can be integrated with various marketing platforms, and it can be published through a single customer URL.

With a growth of over 300% YoY and a user base of more than 50 thousand, 70% of which came from foreign markets including Asia, Canada, and Northern Europe, the firm claimed a reasonably successful 2022. Alpitour, Cisco, Conad, Ferrero, Kornit Digital, McCann, Plenitude, and VMLY&R are some of the company’s current clients.

The platform lets users add life to their content projects by providing a variety of 3D elements and editable templates.

The Italian innovators intend to expand their business by opening additional offices in reference markets like the UK and by improving product development by including new features like an AI layer.

Image Credit: Aryel


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