The shared e-moped solutions provider felyx from Amsterdam announced that Berlin’s emmy, another e-moped sharing business, and a GoTo Global subsidiary, had purchased its German operations.

Despite pressure from all around the world to adopt traffic-free communities, data from Germany’s Center for Automotive Research (CAR) shows that car ownership is still increasing in that country.

One way to reverse this trend is to make it simple for people to utilize mopeds in urban areas.

Mopeds have certain advantages over other types of micro-mobility, such as bikes and e-scooters, in terms of city transit, including the ability to maneuver through traffic and park more conveniently.

In 2017, Quinten Selhorst and Maarten Poot founded felyx, a company that offers shared electric scooters as sustainable and effective transportation for all.

felyx wants to connect individuals with practical, eco-friendly, and shared riders, granting everyone the freedom to move around in a more green urban environment and improving the livability of the city.

The company serves more than 1 million registered users and manages a fleet of more than 6,000 electric mopeds across more than 13 cities.

Fellyx currently has the largest fleet in the Benelux market. Additionally, the company decided to concentrate on growing throughout the Benelux region before deciding to sell its German assets.

“Once we decided to leave Germany, it was crucial to find a successor who shared our vision for the future of sustainable, urban travel,” explains co-founder Maarten Poot. We have found that in emmy, and we are certain that moving ahead, our users are in excellent hands.

“With this strategic decision, we can both increase our attention on our domestic markets and solidify our positions as market leaders. Users of felyx will still be able to access our service through February 28 and will be given advice on how to switch their accounts to Emmy, continues Poot.

Emmy’s reach will expand as a result of this agreement, providing it access to the largest fleet of mopeds in the country. Emmy will now expand its present operation to include a fleet of 1,500 mopeds, which will also help it keep the top spot in the local market.

Emmy will continue to enable customers to own their vacations rather than their automobiles, along with parent business GoTo Global. According to Gil Laser, CEO of GoTo Global, “with this contract, we believe that consumers will easily discover an emmy moped nearby at any time of day, at any day of the week.”

“Emmy will increase its fleet in Berlin as a result of the acquisition, and it will combine its operations in Hamburg and Munich. Users of felyx only need to download the emmy app, and they can count on a flawless changeover. When utilizing Emmy, these users will be allowed to use any felyx credits. The benefit of this acquisition for the consumer is that the two fleets of the top German moped companies are now accessible in a single app, continuous Laser.

emmy and GoTo Global:

Alexander Meiritz founded emmy in 2015, which is now run by CEO Christopher Schech and offers short-term e-scooter rentals that may be scheduled through an app. Around 4,000 mopeds are available for customers to select from in Berlin, Hamburg, and Munich.

Two different-sized helmets and disposable hygiene hoods are included with Emmy mopeds. The mopeds also have replaceable batteries, and Emmy does the charging herself. Customers are therefore unaffected by extended charging times and subpar charging infrastructure.

GoTo Global, an Israeli company that offers multimodal transportation services, purchased emmy in October 2021 to broaden its reach in Europe. A single app that facilitates the reservation of vehicles and mopeds is what GoTo Global seeks to provide users with to give them access to shared mobility options. Currently, the corporation has operations in Germany, Spain, and Israel.

Image Credit: felyx


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