MotherDuck, a Seattle-based company that develops a serverless, user-friendly data analytics platform based on DuckDB, has received $47.5 million in funding overall. Following the $12.5 million seed round funded by Redpoint, Silicon Valley venture capital company Andreessen Horowitz (which has backed Apex Space, Halliday, and many other companies) led a $35 million Series A fundraising. Amplify Partners, Madrona, and Altimeter are some of the additional investors who took part in the round.

After these investments, the company is now valued at $175 million. The money will be used by MotherDuck to expand its engineering and CTM teams and its partnership with DuckSD Labs.

With this funding, MotherDuck can expand its elite technical staff and add a go-to-market role, enabling them to offer a cloud analytics platform for businesses looking to use DuckDB in a more advanced manner. Additionally, it permits DuckDB to keep serving as a platform for scholarly study.

As MotherDuck’s CEO and co-founder Jordan Tigani put it, “Big Data is gone; the simplicity and convenience of making sense of your data are a lot more essential than its bulk.” “Today’s laptops are quicker than data warehouses. Distributed computing is no longer required for the majority of workloads due to hardware advancements.”

“Cloud data vendors are focusing on the performance of 100TB queries, which is not only useless for the vast majority of customers but also takes attention away from companies’ ability to provide a wonderful user experience,” Jordan continued. To make it simple to scale up and down, we are fusing DuckDB’s strength with serverless analytics.

“DuckDB has had the good fortune to receive contributions from hundreds of people worldwide. Dr. Hannes Mühleisen, co-creator of DuckDB, said: “We anticipate the partnership with MotherDuck bringing continuing growth and adoption. We can concentrate our efforts on the independent innovation of the DuckDB core platform and expansion of the open-source community thanks to the MotherDuck team.

Tomasz Tunguz of Redpoint Ventures stated, “We see huge promise in MotherDuck – not just in the industry they represent, but in the type of people that are constructing this game-changing platform. “We’re thrilled to work with the team and spread the influence of DuckDB to more individuals than ever before,” the company stated.

Jordan Tigani established MotherDuck in 2022. He was a founding engineer at Google’s BigQuery and served as the company’s chief product officer earlier. Through the development of a serverless and user-friendly data analytics platform based on DuckDB, it hopes to make analytics ducking fantastic.

For simple use cases, MotherDuck is promoting a serverless analytics solution. DuckDB, which was jointly developed in 2019 by academics Hannes Mühleisen and Mark Raasveldt at the CWI in the Netherlands, serves as its foundation. Because the platform can be used anywhere, including a user’s browser, it has attracted a lot of interest from data analysts.

DuckDB will allow users to conduct analytical queries across many channels, but MotherDuck, a monetized version of the platform, will be more capable. DuckDB’s open source community is gaining steam, as seen by the fact that its DB Engines score is increasing by 40% each month, its Python distribution is downloaded 400k times, and has 100k unique visitors each month. MotherDuck is probably going to take this further.

Currently, the startup is in a private preview, and a beta could be released as soon as March 2023.

Image Credit: MotherDuck


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