Pickler, an Amsterdam ClimateTech independent footprint software startup, picked €500k to help packaging companies measure, minimize, and communicate packaging sustainability., an angel investor, and Shamrock Ventures, a VC firm led the funding round.

Pickler’s software is released at a pivotal moment in the packaging sector. Due to the growing trend of conscious consumerism and new EU regulations like the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSDR) and the Green Claims Directive, package manufacturers, distributors, and retailers must openly demonstrate the effects of their entire packaging portfolios.

“This successful funding round in a challenging funding climate proves investors believe in the business opportunities product footprint reduction will bring within the upcoming 5 years,” stated Pickler co-founder Koen de Beer. “Working with leaders in the packaging sector, we can confidently demonstrate that a clear narrative on the environmental impact of their products leads to a profitable business case with a quick payback period. We can successfully assist even more packaging industry businesses in reducing emissions throughout their value chain by contacting them with this financing round.”

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Pickler was founded to address the challenge of producing and disseminating reliable environmental proof for packaging in a commercially viable and widespread way. By employing an approachable Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology, the program combines a dynamic auto-updated data system that instantly reflects any changes in value chain data. Furthermore, it integrates packaging-focused predictive algorithms that are easy to understand. This approach makes it possible to perform footprint calculations even in the absence of supplier data, all at a fraction of the existing price. Because of Pickler’s ease of use, users of any experience level can confidently and economically analyze, compare, and share the environmental impact of all of their packaging throughout a product’s whole life cycle. Helping them and their clients comply with EU legislation.

“Pickler’s unique software and take on making product footprint calculations accessible to business is much needed,” stated Tommy Hurley, managing partner of Shamrock Ventures.

Pickler conforms with anti-greenwashing legislation such as the EU’s Green Claims Directive and the Dutch Authority for Consumers and Markets. Furthermore, the partnership with the foundation Sustainability Impact Metrics, a Technical University Delft spin-off, guarantees the methodology, database, and outcomes’ independence and legitimacy. Helping users substantially decrease the dangers of greenwashing in sales and marketing.

Packaging businesses may now accurately apply and profit from reliable environmental data in their sales and marketing operations by utilizing Pickler. Additionally, various approaches exist to compare, enhance, and share materials, processes, products, or portfolios with customers and suppliers. This enables users to quickly satisfy consumer demand and set themselves apart from rivals. By educating (possible) clients about environmental effects from the outset, businesses can promote reduction and sustainable decision-making at every stage of the value chain.

Image Credit: Pickler


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