Rotterdam-based, Dwello, a startup that bills itself as the first Dutch marketplace for investors to digitally purchase and sell investment properties, said that it had secured €600K to continue growing after its initial pilot phase.

The money was obtained from several family offices and angel investors, the company says in a statement.

Martijn Dijkstra and Daniel Vinig founded Dwello in 2021 intending to upend the real estate investing industry. According to the business, by digitizing the investment flow, buyers can easily move from analysis to close, and as the platform grows, sellers can broaden their reach to a nationwide audience.

The goal of Dwello is to make a market that is efficient and transparent while also assisting buyers of real estate.

According to co-founder Martijn Dijkstra, “Investors approach real estate investing from an analytical standpoint, in contrast to the consumer housing market. Our platform realizes a more transparent and efficient market that will result in cost savings and easier transactions by providing clever tools, in-depth analysis, and a direct relationship between supply and demand.

By incorporating cutting-edge technologies, Dwello offers real estate buyers and sellers a streamlined and time-saving process. According to the organization, verified Dwello analysts meticulously inspect each of the properties. Using a built-in calculator enables buyers to swiftly evaluate the viability of alternative investments and expected returns.

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When the best opportunity is found, buyers are immediately connected to the seller of the desired property, and the digital bidding process then starts. The online purchase agreement is signed by both parties after the sale is complete, and the platform-connected notary then starts the closing process.

Dwello has gained 3,000 registered users since its start in 2022 and has advertised more than 100 homes. Dijkstra and Vinig want to increase these numbers in 2023 and then go global.

The present funding will be used to support expansion as well as ongoing technological advancements of the platform. Dwello claims that its new features are unique among websites and would make it simpler for investors to find opportunities and control the real estate market.

According to co-founder Martijn Dijkstra, “2022 saw a substantial fall in the number of transactions throughout the market due to the rising interest rates and lack of clarity in rules. We are confident that 2023 will bring a lot of investment chances even if the transaction volume will depend on the current economic situation.

“We are constantly coming up with new ideas to streamline and improve the way Dwello handles supply and demand. Beginning with the launch of a fresh upgrade in Q1 to develop a platform that is even smarter and offers better insights on the viability of investments. The future of real estate investing is digital, we are certain, continues Dijkstra.

Image Credit: Dwello


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