Anyfin, a Stockholm-based fintech has received a fresh financial injection of €30 million, it intends to grow into new markets and improve its product line.

The startup was established to enable greater financial health for customers.

In addition to current investors Accel, EQT Ventures, FinTech Collective, Quadrille Capital, and Augmentum FinTech as well as new investor Citi Ventures, the Series C fundraising round that raised $30 million was spearheaded by existing investor Northzone.

The new investment takes the company’s overall capital from debt and equity to €600 million. The company raised €44.8 million in 2021 to fund its northern European expansion.

More and more people are searching for methods to save costs and enhance their financial security as the cost of the living issue continues to affect households and consumers throughout Europe.

But it’s not so simple, and for many people, the world of finance, savings, loans, and credit can be fairly overwhelming and inaccessible.

The 2017 Stockholm-based startup Anyfin seeks to alter that. The fintech industry is expanding quickly, and its creators are motivated by a fresh infusion of funding to aid people’s money.

The CEO and co-founder of Anyfin, Mikael Hussain, said: “With the current cost of living issue placing additional strain on household budgets, what we do is more useful to customers than ever, and this fresh financing will enable us to continue enhancing the breadth and scale of our offering.”

Mikael Hussain added, “We are very delighted that both new and old investors regard us as a major player in European fintech; the investment shows that the financial sector is due for a fundamental realignment, in which consumers’ financial welfare comes first.

Anyfin reimagines a simpler financial world. It was founded by Mikael Hussain (CEO), Sven Perkmann (Co-founder and Chairman), and Filip Polhem. Together, they have over 20 years of experience at tech giants like Klarna, Spotify, and iZettle.

The scaleup offers financial services such as making debt refinancing simple and assisting customers in obtaining reasonable interest rates on their existing credit. Based on their actual risk profiles, users can quickly refinance their existing installments, credit cards, and personal loans using Anyfin’s patented platform.

Anyfin’s product is more important than ever as a result of recent price increases and a cost-of-living issue. In reality, the business expanded five times in 2022, and the mobile app has now been downloaded more than one million times.

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Anyfin is currently well-established in Sweden, Finland, Germany, and Norway. With this additional funding, the business hopes to grow throughout Europe and improve its product line in already-established areas.

Anyfin has experienced an average monthly growth rate of 15% since its launch in Germany in 2021, and we’re closely watching to see what this year has in store.

“Overpaying for consumer financial services, which is fueled by the opaqueness of the current financial services business, is possibly the most significant pain point that fintech can address”, said Jeppe Zink, Partner at Northzone and Board Member at Anyfin.

He further said, “With its re-finance offer, Anyfin is tackling this head-on. Customers adore their service, which has helped it become a market leader in the financial wellness space.”

Image Credit: Anyfin


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